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Family and Community

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Nora's Stories and Art
By Nora Clark Page 1 of 6   Next ยป
Genre: Visual Arts

Things Nora Likes

How I Got My Kitten

By Nora Story Clark

I went to the pound. There was a sick girl cat. We got back into our Subaru. We went to Happy Paws. We saw a little cute kitten. My parents had to think for awhile. We thought for a few days, then we went back to Happy Paws. We got the kitten. We named him Arrow. We went to Texas to see the rest of my family. When we got back from our trip the kitten was much bigger. He was in a different room too. I am having fun with him. The end

Kittens End

Here is an essay Nora recently wrote for a school assignment and a painting she made for her father on Father's Day 2001.

I Have a Cat and a Bunk Bed

By Nora Story Clark

In my house I have a cat and a bunk bed. These two things I find go together very well. I go up to the top of my bunk bed and the first thing I see is my cat! I hurry up and join him. I stroke him once and it's like pushing a magic button, instant purr! I lay down right next to him and he pushes me! I never can resist. I start singing to him, and he purrs to the beat. Sometimes I pretend that Arrow (my cat) is singing to me instead of purring!

The bed may be jiggley but that makes it feel more special, and it may be crowded with stuffed animals, but that just makes it feel more secret and I like it that way.

Musician Cat Drawing

Things Nora Likes by Nora

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