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"My mom told me to write letters to those I knew as if I was sitting with them and talking to them," says the woman everyone calls only Mom. "So it is that I find it easy to write short stories and have published my first book at age 80." As a tribute to her mother's wisdom and humor, Mary Halprin collected Mom's stories together into Memories by Mom: Tales of an Alaskan Homestead. Then Mary began to find she had stories to tell, too.
Mom Giordano Still Writes at 80
At 80 years old, Mom Giordano says she has been writing all her life. But when asked why she does it and what value she places on it, a look of uncertainty flashes across her face.

Writing Is an Emotional Activity
Writing is an emotional spilling out of my feelings. Generally when I'm upset about something, I write about it. Someone shot my dog Smoky. I wrote a poem about Smoky.

Writing Can Bring Fun Into Your Life
Writing always fascinated me. I wondered where people came up with the material for their books. "Gone With the Wind" was, and still is, one of my favorite books.

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