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Family and Community

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For Nora Story Clark and her parents, Bob and Andrea, storytelling became a way to cope with Nora's battle with cancer, which they discovered when Nora was only 2 years old. Bob worked on his short story, "Hospital Game" based on his experience raising a daughter too young to understand the heartbreak of her illness, while Nora drew pictures and wrote stories about the important people, pets and objects in her life -- including her scars. Reading and writing has been a central part of the family's life.
Nora's Story (4 pages)
Nora was diagnosed with cancer just prior to her third birthday. The family spent almost all of her third year in Seattle, at the Ronald McDonald House, and in and out of Children's Hospital for surgeries and chemotherapy and radiation.

Nora's Stories and Art (6 pages)
Bob and Andrea never had a "strategy" to teach Nora to read and write. They followed Nora's lead, weaving Nora's natural interests -- drawing, for instance, and her love of spending time with friends -- together with literacy.

The Hospital Game
I'm dumping Legos to the floor when Lacy comes out of the bathroom, naked and dripping wet, breaking into the sealed and sterile package of a syringe she found under the bathroom sink.

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