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Read articles about families and family members who show their love of reading, writing and storytelling in different ways. If you would like to write about a family you know who has an interesting story to tell, submit it here.
Abbigale Hears in Color (7 pages)
When a six-year-old states that the days of the week are different colors, her mother begins researching the phenomenon of synesthesia, in which people can hear colors or taste sounds. Dr. Seitz helps her daughter document her unique sensory experiences.

A Mother Who Reads 10 Books a Day to Her Children
"I want my kids to be smart," says Patty Ryall. Patty spent her childhood in and out of foster homes, and missed out on the kind of education she knows her own kids will need to be successful. So, when her son began having problems at school, Patty took action. She began taking her kids to the library, spending hours every day reading to them, turning them all into voracious readers. She has seen it turn her son around and bring her whole family closer.

The Reunion
Julianna Kien tells about her return to New Mexico to visit with her 82-year-old mother, Ida. During the visit she arranged a reunion with Ethel, one of her mother?s old friends in Shiprock, that was as emotional for her as for her mother.

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