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Family and Community

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Peter Oswald and Lisa Stratford are the proud parents of Sadie, an energetic toddler. Here Peter, Lisa and Sadie talk about the discoveries Sadie makes because of the many books in her life.
An Evening Spent Reading With Sadie Marie
"I don?t know if I'm up for this one, Sadie," says Peter, when she brings him another book. This one is Dr. Seuss's "Horton Hatches the Egg."

Precious Snuggle Time
Some of my earliest memories of books and reading are of those times when I was snuggled in my dad's lap and he was reading from my treasured book "The Uncle Remus Tales."

Books Are Her Toys
Sadie doesn't get bored. How could she, when her days are filled with swimming lessons, Lapsit at the library, kid's gym, and dinner with her parents' friends?

Sadie at Lapsit
You know you're at the right place, Loussac Library's Lapsit, when you see Ollie the Otter waving at you. She's the puppet on Amy Johnson's arm.

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