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Few could resist the "get rich quick" stories that were pouring out of the Northland during the late 1800s. Sourdoughs and greenhorns alike followed the lure of gold, ever ready to move onward with news of another strike.
Klondike Gold Rush (2 pages)
By the time subscribers read an enticing ad in William Randolph Hearst's newspaper, the richest claims in the faraway "Klondyke" already had been staked.

Unholy Misery on the Dead Horse Trail
The story of the widespread inhumane treatment of pack animals runs parallel and creates a picture of unrestrained greed that desensitized men.

Klondike Kate: "Queen of the Yukon," 1876 - 1957 (2 pages)
Kathleen Eloisa Rockwell, better known as "Klondike Kate," lived a tumultuous life that led her throughout North and South America.

Dawson Weekly News - January 7, 1947
After 26 days on the trail, during which time they encountered some of the severest weather of the winter, Const. Wilf Lee R.C.M.P. and his guide Johnnie Sestak, returned to Dawson.

Letters from a Gold Miner: Bigger John "B. J." Bower a.k.a. Billy Bowers, 1867-1949 (2 pages)
Among the placer miners who worked the goldfields of Cleary Creek, Iditarod, and Ruby, one strapping young man was known as Billy Bowers.

B.J.'s Letters to Gladys
My Dear Daughter Gladys: I will write just a few lines I have not heard from you for so long...

Treadwell Gold Mines, 1881-1917 (2 pages)
John Treadwell, famed founder of the Treadwell Gold Mines, was a California carpenter before he landed in Alaska in 1881.

Three Lucky Swedes (2 pages)
A trio of miners, the so-called "Three Lucky Swedes," is credited with the gold discovery that launched the Nome rush.

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