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Proof of optimism for Alaska's agricultural potential is evident in the history of experimental farming in the late 1800s and, in 1922, the establishment of the Alaska Agricultural College and School of Mines. From raising cattle to planting crops, the early farmers had high hopes.
The Matanuska Valley Colony - Letter from Leo Jacobs
Not everything ran smoothly in the early days of the Matanuska Valley Colony. Leo B. Jacobs described some of the problems in this letter to an official in Washington, D.C.

The Matanuska Valley Colony - Mary Nan Gamble's Report
In 1934, Mary Nan Gamble, an administrative assistant with the Federal Emergency Relief Administration, helped with the planning and criteria for selecting 200 families to participate in the Matanuska Colony project.

George W. Gasser
George W. Gasser was a 32-year-old bachelor when he left Kansas to accept a job in Sitka with the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

The Matanuska Valley Colony (2 pages)
In 1935, Americans were struggling through the worst economic depression in history. Residents of rural areas of the northern states were among the worst of sufferers.

Cattle Ranching in the Subarctic (2 pages)
Cattle ranching on the Last Frontier reaches back as far as Russian Alaska, when settlers first introduced bovines to Kodiak Island.

Polled Herefords en route to Alaska, October 17, 1947
Polled Herefords are naturally hornless, or "polled," and provide plenty of beef, characteristics of a breed developed by Warren Gammon of Des Moines, Iowa.

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