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Alaska is a place of wild extremes, whether it be climate, geography, seismic activity, or oceanography. And when people have tried to tame it, Alaska kicked back, challenging even the most determined settler, road-builder, pilot, dog musher, or seafarer. The stories of these historical figures speak of the awesome effort it took simply to carve out a place.
The history of flight in Alaska is peopled by risk-takers and business backers who challenged a forbidding climate and terrain.
Dog Mushing
Native Alaskans have long used dogs to travel and move freight, and non-Native stampeders quickly learned the value of a good team.
Ships and Boats
With 33,904 miles of shoreline and 3,000 rivers (10 of which are longer than 300 miles), Alaska has historically relied on its waterways to fuel the economy, transport passengers, and haul freight.
Trails and Rails
Some of Alaska's oldest roads were built on ancient transportation corridors used by coastal Natives who traded with Interior tribes.

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