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With each new boomtown, a newspaper was born, and as mining activity increased, so did the government's interest in its faraway possession. The U.S. Army was charged to explore possible routes and install a telegraph line linking Alaska with Washington state.
Austin Eugene "Cap" Lathrop, 1865-1950 (2 pages)
One of Alaska's most successful businessmen was a Wisconsin farm boy named Austin Eugene "Cap" Lathrop.

Robert Bruce Atwood - 1907-1997 (2 pages)
Bob Atwood arrived in Alaska at a time when the ambitions of a few could radically shape the territory and, ultimately, a new state.

An early Fairbanks conservation effort (2 pages)
The first newspaper printed in Fairbanks, the Fairbanks Miner, debuted in May 1903, and included an editorial condemning unregulated moose hunting and urging conservation.

WAMCATS: The Washington-Alaska Military Cable and Telegraph System
On May 26, 1900, Congress gave its approval to build an extensive network of telegraph and cable lines that would link Alaska to the rest of the world.

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