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Family and Community

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Robin Moore began buying books for her daughter, Heidi, before she was born and began reading to her when she was about three months old. Robin and her husband, Terry, have watched Heidi develop listening and reading skills and begin to share their love of books.
I'll Admit: I Was a Bit Pushy About Reading
As soon as I was pregnant with Heidi, I began buying books for her. I was so excited to start a library of children's books.

Time for Reading Together
I was a voracious reader as a kid. From about eight years old on, I read constantly, but on my own -- I have no memory of my parents reading to me.

Busy With Books
Heidi just turned two years old and looking at books and being read to are her favorite in-house activities.

The Books Heidi Likes
Here are some of Heidi's favorite authors and books. Don?t forget your local library -- ours has almost everything mentioned before and below.

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