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Alaskana for Children: New Book Titles for Young Alaskans  -  Other Recent Northern Titles to Consider
By Sue Sherif « Prev   Page 6 of 7   Next »

Adding Arctic Animals. Bauer, David. Capstone, 2004. Grades K-1.
A Yellow Umbrella series early reader, this book puts basic arithmetic in an Arctic setting by asking your readers to add northern animals across double-page spreads.
Arctic Winter, Arctic Summer. Canizares, Susan and Daniel Moreton Scholastic, 1998. $3.95, Grades K-1.
Part of the Science Emergent Readers series, these one word or one short sentence pages are illustrated with clear pictures of the Arctic and sub-Arctic environment. Also in the series: The Northern Lights, Who Lives in the Arctic?
Life in the Far North. Kalman, Bobbie and Rebecca Sjonger. Crabtree, 2004. $8.95 Grades 4-8..
A survey of the life of the Inuit/Inupiat people in the western hemisphere Arctic.
Living in the Arctic. Fowler, Allan. Children's Press, 2000 $5.95 Grades 1-3.
From the Rookie Read-about-Geography series, these show in photos and text some aspects of Arctic, although not particularly Alaskan, life. The writers are not Alaskan, but there are very few books at this reading level that touch on the northern environment. Also in the series: Living in the Tundra by Donna Loughran, Alaska by Su Tien Wong, All Along the River by Allan Fowler.
Polar Explorers for Kids : Historic Expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic with 21 Activities. Snowden, Maxine. Chicago Review Press, 2004. $16.95. Grades 4-8.
Although none of the figures in this cast of polar explorers are depicted on Alaskan explorations (including Cook, who is in the Antarctic section), the stories of the struggles of these explorers are always of interest to kids, but the activities which range from Blowing Soap Bubbles into the Very Cold, Building a Snow Cave, Make a Cross-Staff to Measure Latitude, How Wet is Snow, to Create an Edible Map of Antarctica will be of interest both in the classroom and at home.
Snow Amazing: Cool Facts and Warm Tales. Drake, Jane and Ann Love. Illustrated by Mark Thurman. Tundra, 2004. $19.95 Grades 3-6.
This Canadian publication will capture kids' interest with its great cover photo of an owl nestled in snow and will provide adults and children with lots of interesting facts and northern tales about our constant winter companion, snow.
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