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Russian Orthodox priests and monks were among the first Christian missionaries to arrive in Alaska in the 1700s. In the years that followed, representatives from a dozen or more denominations served as educators as well as spiritual leaders, and their flocks grew in number across the territory.

Tanana Mission: Mission of Our Savior (2 pages)
The Tanana Indians' contact with Western missionaries initially came from Canada through the Church of England.

Ivan Veniaminov (2 pages)
In the Russian Alaska of the early 1800s, the Native people and their cultures were suffering at the hands of foreign fur traders and hunters.

Rev. Sheldon Jackson (2 pages)
In 1884, 12 years after the United States purchased Alaska from Russia, a Presbyterian minister named Sheldon Jackson offered himself and was selected as Alaska's General Agent of Education.

The Moveable Church: St. Joseph's of Fairbanks (SLIDESHOW)
Fairbanks was a frontier town when a Jesuit priest named Rev. Francis M. Monroe decided to build a church and hospital.

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