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Join a Book Club at Your Local Library
By Heather Villars

Book clubs are a fantastic way to meet new people, read great books, and share opinions about what you read. Here are some book clubs that are already running at Alaska's libraries.

Like what you see? Call today and ask for more information. See something that's missing? Start the book club you've always wanted to join at your library today!

Delta Public Library:

Book-clubbers meet monthly (unless it's too cold!) to discuss what they are currently reading individually, a topic of literary interest (did Shakespeare really write all his own work?), or perhaps read a play, with each member assigned a part. Led by Joyce McCombs, a Delta librarian. For more info: contact Joyce McCombs at to be put on the club's mailing list.

Fairbanks North Star Borough Public Library:

Discussion Groups:
**Science Books: led by Sue Sherif (librarian) and Don Triplehorn (UAF Geology professor) and Judie Triplehorn. In its tenth year! Staff create flyers, put notices in community papers, and coordinate the distribution of books. Meets Tuesday nights, once a month.

**Great Books: moderated by Don Triplehorn, meets once a month.

**Fantasy Books: started by Georgine Olsen and moderated by a fantasy lover, also meets once a month.

**Parent-Child: for children and an "adult reading partner," started by Sue Sherif. This group reads mostly fiction and meets every-other week.

For more info: contact Sue Sherif at (907) 459-1020 or email her at

Juneau Public Library:

Discussion Groups:
**Mother-Daughter Groups: three independent groups of mother/daughter pairs meet once a month at the library for book discussion. These groups meet with a librarian for guidance in choosing books, and read mostly fiction.

**Adults Reading Children's Books: meets one Saturday morning a month at the downtown library. This group is made up of teachers, librarians, parents, and writers who gather to briefly talk to each other about what they have been reading individually. Other topics for discussion have included trends in children's literature and various articles of interest; the group also writes letters to authors on occasion.
For more info: contact Sandra Standtmann at

Kenai Community Library:

A discussion group meets on the last Tuesday of each month at 7pm. Co-led by librarian Julie Niederhauser, this group reads one book a month. Books for the entire year are chosen by members at the first meeting, and include a mix of both fiction and non-fiction.
For more info: drop in at the Kenai Community Library and look for the bulletin board displaying information about books soon to be read by the group, information about their authors, and the group's meeting dates and times. Or, contact Julie Niederhauser at (907) 283-4378.

Palmer Public Library:

A group meets once a month for refreshments and discussion about the two books, one non-fiction and one fiction, which were selected at the previous meeting. Leadership is passed among members each month.
For more info: contact Janice Stafford at

Unalaska Public Library:

The Not so Great Book Club: meets nine times per year (about once a month during the school year), rotating among the homes of its members. Books for the year are chosen by members at an organizational meeting each August. Each member also receives a Winter Reading Club tee shirt!
For more info: contact Dan Masoni at
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