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"Reading, writing and family life are all woven together in our book-cluttered home," says writer Andromeda Romano-Lax. "We read more because we read together, and we are brought together, in part, because we all love reading." In their essays Andromeda and her husband Brian give a glimpse into their book-cluttered home, from the way books both soothe and stimulate their five-year-old son Aryeh, to the intimacy they experienced reading aloud to each other as newlyweds, to the way Aryeh has helped his mother rediscover the magic of words. And Aryeh shares some of his favorite poems.
The Lax Family On Sharing
"How did you become such a good reader?" I asked my son Aryeh, who read his first word, "loon," at the age of 3 and now, two years later, reads fluently.

Reading, Not Ritalin
Some parents snuggle their babies. We jiggled, bounced and jostled ours. Baby in a front-carrier. Baby in a backpack. Sleep: for him, the bare minimum.

Reading Aloud
While I was growing up, reading was the only form of privacy available. I shared a room with my younger brother. My sister could close her bedroom door to us boys, but even she couldn't keep our parents from entering without knocking.

Some Poem Excerpts
Dinosaur Poem...Dinosaurs, they lived long ago...Who are these giants? Who can they be?

Homemade Books and Other Projects
From an early age, we've helped Aryeh get his words, ideas and artistic visions on paper. We've never worried too much about handwriting, spelling or other formalities.

Living Literature: Travels in John Steinbeck's Wake (4 pages)
Books help the reader live vicariously, allowing one to travel -- at least mentally -- to new places and times. But occasionally, a book provides passage in a more literal sense, to new lands and experiences.

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