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Family and Community

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Nora's Story  -  The New Baby Irene
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The New Baby Irene

“This is a picture Nora drew when her sister was just a concept, early in the pregnancy. She drew it on a small erasable white board, so photocopying was essential. We love that the baby is floating in white space, wearing pajamas, and waving. Nora’s sister, Irene Story Clark, was born April 10, 2003, at 4:10 a.m.” (Bob)

The Morning My Sister Was Born

by Nora Clark

"OK honey, you can come in now"
"Look at her! Isn’t she cute?"
"Yes, yes, cry cry. Cry out all that yucky stuff"
"Do you want to cut the cord?"
"OK.......daddy? do you want to cut the cord?"
"No. No thanks"
"Mommy? do you want to cut the cord"
"Oh. No."
"OK I’ll cut it then. Ooooooooh you are crying!"

That was how my relationship with my sister started, a lump of blankets with a Doctor Seuss hat. The two midwives showed me every thing from giving her my finger to suck on, to swaddling her. On the way back home I had to sit in the back of a car occupied by a screaming baby. "Hooray!" I thought, "I am officially a big sister!"

Nora, Irene, Kitty

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