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4th Annual Creative Writing Contest, 1985



Winner: Jean Anderson, Fairbanks, A Climber
Honorable Mention: Rob Baum, Barrow, The Priest of Debussy
Peter Maassen, Anchorage, Backpacking for Money
Mei Mei Evans, Homer, Gussuk
Karen Tschannen, Anchorage, Avenues
Robert Eddy, Anchorage, Along the Creek
James Elson, Soldotna, Anton
J.A. Sarafin, The Old Maid in the Bakeshop
Bob Cherry, Dillingham, A Change of Seasons
Mark Dumond, Anchorage, Final Thoughts
Peter Hill, Anchorage, Sweet Hitchhiker
John Wolfe Jr., Anchorage, The Sun Rises Slowly
Kirk Olsen, McCarthy, Windfalls
John Buzdor, Anchorage, Two Street Romance
Kim Daehnke, Anchorage, Burial of Richard Martin
Allan Phelps, Anchorage, Kass'aq
William Cass, Juneau, Old Friends
Winner: Karen S. Westfall, Anchorage, Signs from Heaven
Honorable Mention: Joan Cleppe, Anchorage, Coconut Angel
Dennis Mackinnon, Wasilla, Shattered Glass
Mary K. McDonald, Anchorage, Patterns, The Last Son, and Winter Dream
Karen Westfall, Anchorage, Too Many Cats and Wedding Song
Sarah Birdsall, Anchorage, The Red Mitten
Johanna Flynn, Anchorage, Just Some Guy
Harvey G. Homan, Anchorage, A Gift of Anger
Ted Herlinger, Anchorage, The Bird
Robin Krause, Eagle River, An Evening at the Symphony
Alexis Easley, Fairbanks, Janice
Mark Leamy, Anchorage, End of the Season
Winner: Jason Nunn, 17, Galena, Stone Creek
Honorable Mention: Erika Gross, 11, Homer, Genus Rattus
Kendra Guffey, 16, Anchorage, Mourning Suns
Cathy Compton, Anchorage, Letters to Mother from Prep School
Meghan Hackett, 18, Anchorage, Any Time For Love
Johanna Campbell, 13, Ketchikan, The 48-Hour Adventure
Sara Donovan, 13, Anchorage, The End
Kimberly Hunt, 12, North Pole, Untitled
Lynn Fricke, 14, Nome, Irina
Megan Follett, 12, Anchorage, Untitled
Matthew Bell, 11, Homer, War of Age and Men
Janese Bechtol, 15, Eielson AFB, The Key
Elizabeth Evans, 12, Anchorage, Joseph Thompson's Boy
John Jay Roberts, 16, Eagle River, The Swine of Folly
Malcolm Goepfert, 16, Eagle River, First Meeting
Paula Hartman, 17, Kodiak, A Box of Bobby Pins
Lily Blue, 10, Juneau, A Shelty in a Million
Katrina Bernhardt, 17, Anchorage, Afterwards
Kerensa Weeks, 16, Anchorage, The Magic Box
Denice Knight, 16, Anchorage, Kot
Danielle M. Burkhart, 7, Anchorage, My Silly Dream
Erik Gross, 11, Homer, The Case of the Late Mr. Koscuiskoderwski
John Haulund, 18, Dillingham, Who Says I'm Crazy
Becky Blanchard, 14, Willow, The Death Alarm
Britt Rigg, 9, Anchorage, Totally Terrific Horse Talk
Stacy Rees, 7, Soldotna, The Turtle
Tommy Verges Jr., 6, Anchorage, The Great Bear
Shana Hopson, 6, Homer, The Hungry Cat
Andrea Paulas, 18, Eagle River, Let the Spirits Lie
Gary Bartz, 17, Anchorage, Gone with the Frauds
Stephanie Denman, 13, Palmer, The Feline of All Hallows Eve
Lisa Limtiaco, 17, Anchorage, An Elevating Episode ahead of Time and Back
Liberty Kovac, 10, Kenai, Polly Pig and Her Pecking Pelicans
Lindsey Hess, 17, Eielson AFB, Why Me?
Lisa Petersen, 14, Palmer, The Cave
Amber Nickerson, 10, Anchorage, The Mouse and the Cat

Winner: Jean Hallingstad, Kake, North to Alaska
Honorable Mention: Nelson Hubbell, Anchorage, How We Fall In Love and In Weathertime
William Michels, Eagle River, Nation of Madonnas and Desperate Hotel
Tyler Henshaw, Petersburg, Splitting Firewood I Dream of Ancient China
Gerald Cable, College, Home Movie
Julie Collier Rusby, Valdez, Sold Out
Karen Tschannen, Anchorage, Mourning Song
Martin Palmer, Anchorage, Mandala, No. 13
Lisa M. Short, Anchorage, When Raven Brought Light to the World
Deborah Heidecker, The House
June A. McGlashan, Unalaska, The Dead Salmon
Julia Kooken, Nikishka, Oh, I Love These Women
Winner: Randol Bruns, Anchorage, Marvin Abeita Completes His G.E.D.
Honorable Mention: Arvid Hall, Girdwood, The Nineteenth Contour
Winner: Asia Freeman, 16, Homer, The Lighthouse
Honorable Mention: Shana Hopson, 6, Homer, Chameleon Cloud
Korey Smitheran, 17, Anchorage, The Lost Writer (in memory of Kay Deeter)
Douglas Dresnek, 10, Anchorage, Radio
Margaret Jester, 17, Anchorage, The Bus
Tamra Ann Ohrmund, 17, Anchorage, My Fault
Richard Reimers, 15, North Pole, Haiku
Diane Decker, 17, Anchorage, Polar Transitions
Jeff Straub, 14, Wasilla, Arcade Fever


Winner: Michelle Corder, Anchorage, Owl
Honorable Mention: David Unruh, Kenai, On Shoveling Snow
Leslie Hubbard, Anchorage, The Subject is Suicide
Renee Jahnke, Homer, The March Crossing
Bruce Scotland, Anchorage, Mechanics
Susan Carroll, Music in My Bathroom
Karen Jeske, Anchorage, The Unwritten Letter
Michelle Corder, Anchorage, Icicle
Marcia Billaud, Anchorage, Secondo
Kathleen Weronko, Anchorage, Nightmare
Mary Bailey, Soldotna, Looking Back at Hay Springs, Nebraska
C. Ruth Wayman Olson, Anchorage, Growing Up in Illinois
Jennifer Ray, Willow, He Was Still My Grandfather
Doris Lynch, Juneau, Arctic Lemming Games
Tanya Cassidy, Anchorage, Solo
Lori Oswald, Anchorage, Wooden Flutes and Felix Skowronek
Karen Parrish, Soldotna, Old Charge
Sharon Bushell, Homer, A True Tale of Robert MacB
Lynn Watson, Eagle, Raven Dance
S.B.C., Anchorage, My Abortion
Mary Anne Donlan, Eagle, The Marriage Encounter
Betty Oba, St. Mary's, The Run to the End of the Road
Barbara Marcisak, Palmer, An Unlikely Beginning
Ava Wilson, Anchorage, Feeling Special
Diana Conway, Anchorage, Cuba, 1984
Anna Walker, Anchorage, Not Just Another Daysail on the Bay
Sue Ann Strupp, Ninilchik, Rainey and Me
Susan Morgan Howk, Nana
Winner: Ruth Moore, Anchorage, All in a Day's Wash
Honorable Mention: Marilyn Semeliss, Anchorage, Behind Four Walls
Cheryl Kammermeyer, Palmer, Good-Bye
Viena Vertefeuille, Sutton, Good-Bye Elmer
Renee MacKenzie, Anchorage, Laura: In Life and Life After and The Sensitive Male
Natasha Kathlleen Johnson, Decision: Dog or Wolf
Linda Longstaff, Anchorage, I Should Have Known
Winner: Karl Peterson, 11, Anchorage, This is Henrey
Honorable Mention: Rachel Goldman, 8, Anchorage, My Travel Journal
Angie Brink, Ketchikan, When Grandpa Died
Uwe Jahnke, 13, Homer, The Trip
Deevy Holcomb, 14, Homer, Yesterdays
Samantha Low, 17, Juneau, Something is Rotten in Denmark

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