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Home  >  Reading and Writing  >  Love of Reading
This section contains a collection of essays and narratives, from many different points of view, about how reading enriches our lives.
Dolly Parton's Imagination Library in Alaska
It's never too early to nourish a love for reading. Find out how Alaskan kids are receiving free books through the Imagination Library.

Anchorage's Reading Rendezvous (4 pages)
Reading Rendezvous is a giant, fun-filled, free Reading Fair, the latest effort by the Alaska Center for the Book, held in conjunction with Anchorage Municipal Libraries. Check out photos from the 2001 and 2002 fairs.

Favorites: Kids Pick 'Em
In this section a sampling of students from Alaska schools tell us in their own words about their favorite books.

On the Same Page: Alaskans Reading Together
Alaska Sisters in Crime and Alaska Center for the Book set out to select a book that all of Alaska could read, discuss and enjoy. Their first selection is now in the hands of readers.

On Rereading Siddhartha
Writer Nancy Lord reflects on the power of reading and how a book she read years ago changed her life. "I wanted to know if Siddhartha was a good book. I wanted to know if it had, as I suspected was possible, changed my life."

A Bookmark to a Love of Reading
Along the length of the bookmark she made, Nancy Barnes' grandmother wrote the words of Mark Twain: "Those who do not read have no advantage over those who can't."

A Constant Adventure!
Reading has added hope and joy to the lives of Sara Juday and her family. Ever since Sara was a child, reading for her has been an adventure.

Reach Out and Read (2 pages)
You might not expect to receive a book and instruction on teaching your child to read when you take your youngster for a medical checkup. But that's what you'll get from the Anchorage Neighborhood Health Center when your child comes in for a "well-child" examination.

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