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Digital Archives

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Native Alaskans have long used dogs to travel and move freight, and non-Native stampeders quickly learned the value of a good team. The popularity of racing sled dogs bloomed in the early 1900s, when Nome residents pitted their best dogs against others in the All-Alaska Sweepstakes.
The Serum Run of 1925 (2 pages)
Readers across the country eagerly followed the headlines that January of 1925. The "Great Race of Mercy" held their rapt attention.

Togo and Balto, Dog Heroes (2 pages)
While many details of the great Serum Run of 1925 have faded into history, the names of two famous Alaska dogs, Togo and Balto, have spanned the decades.

Mushing Legend "Scotty" Allan (2 pages)
A century ago, a Scotsman named Allan Alexander Allan, known in Alaska as simply "Scotty," was the most famous musher of his time.

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