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The history of flight in Alaska is peopled by risk-takers and business backers who challenged a forbidding climate and terrain. Many lost their lives in proving that airplanes were ideally suited for transporting mail, freight, and passengers across a nearly roadless territory.
Carl Ben Eielson: The Father of Alaskan Aviation - 1897-1929 (2 pages)
Carl Ben Eielson became world-famous before his final flight at age 32.

Noel Wien, Alaska's Aviation Trailblazer (2 pages)
Noel Wien created Alaska's first airline in 1927 and was one of Alaska's aviation pioneers.

Aviation Firsts (SLIDESHOW)
View a gallery of images depicting the early days of aviation in Alaska.

The Black Wolf Squadron: Dawn of Airplanes over Alaska (2 pages)
The U.S. Army Service's famed "Black Wolf Squadron" left its mark on northern history in 1920.

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