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reading and writing

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33rd Annual Creative Writing Contest, 2015

Grand Prize Winner

"The Old Road: Measles 1963" by Cass Crandall, Homer

Editors' Choice

"Atop a Hill" by Daniel Tantanella, Wasilla



Grades K-2:

Winner"Those Brazilian Nuts" by Lael Bartch, Fairbanks Focus Homeschool, Fairbanks
Honorable Mention: "Hummingbirds" by Raegane Cash, Classical Conversations
                                                    Homeschool, Fairbanks

Grades 3-6:

Winner: "The Great Eppling Ridge" by Claire Engstrom, Dzantik'i Heeni, Juneau
Honorable Mentions
:  "The Spirit of a Hunter" by Sierra Brower, Fred Ipalook Elementary,
                                         "The Land of Legends" by Abigail Moffett, Kenai Middle School,

Grades 7-9:

Winner"Saving Amelia" by Sheeshao White, Haines Middle School, Haines
Honorable Mentions
:  "Pack Ice" by Katelyn Boswell, Wasilla Middle School, Wasilla
                                         "How to Attract a Taco" by Jazzel Remetio, Pilot Station School,
                                                    Pilot Station

Grades 10-12:

Winner: "The Transcendence of Irelia" by Isaac McElwee, Galena Interior
                                                        Learning Academy, Galena
Honorable Mentions:  "The Girl with the Butterfly Clip" by Roslyn McCormack,
                                                        Dimond High School, Anchorage
                                         "Despair" by Kennedy Trabold, East Anchorage High School,

Open to the Public:

Winner: "Atop a Hill" by Daniel Tantanella, Wasilla
Honorable Mentions: "Boomerang" by Ian McGaughey, Homer
                                        "Modern Love" by G.M. Whitley, Anchorage


Grades 3-6:

Winner"Going to Petersburg" by Brennan Palmieri, Haines Middle School, Haines
Honorable Mentions: "Ina's Most Prized Possession" by Ina Allen, Inlet View Elementary,
                                        "My Rich Uncle" by Mandalyn Gala, Haines Middle School, Haines
                                        "A Smile Can Change Your Life" by Atlin Zahnow, Haines Middle
                                                      School, Haines 

Grades 7-9:

Winner"The Night Watch" by Richard Gordon-Rein, Central Middle School of Science,
Honorable Mentions
:  "Our Deep Cuts" by Lillianna Benassi, Haines Borough School,
                                         "My Journey to Kenya" by Charlee Demientieff, Interior Distance
                                                        Education of Alaska (I.D.E.A.), Anchorage
                                         "Some Like it Hot" by Helen Laird, Interior Distance Education of
                                                        Alaska (I.D.E.A.), Cordova

Grades 10-12:

Winner"The Sound of Memory" by Haley Rasmussen, Dimond High School, Anchorage
Honorable Mention:  "Disagreement" by Roslyn McCormack, Dimond High School,

Open to the Public:

Winner: "The Old Road: Measles 1963" by Cass Crandall, Homer
Honorable Mentions:  "The Coffin" by Steven Levi, Anchorage
                                         "What the Raven Knows" by Joseph Robertia, Kasilof
                                         "Hunting for Myself" by Erin Witmer, Anchorage


Grades K-2:

Winner"The Moon" by Jori Huntsman, Anchor Lutheran, Anchorage
Honorable Mentions:  "Bananas Are Delicious" by Raegane Cash, Classical Conversations
                                                       Homeschool, Fairbanks
                                         "The Best Things in Life" by Kinsley Pinkston, Anchor Lutheran,
                                         "A Race Car Story and My Dog" by Jake Weihrich, Homeschool,
                                                       Eagle River

Grades 3-6:

Winner: "Frosty Embroidery" by Maia Brown, Bayshore Elementary, Anchorage
Honorable Mentions: "Bubbles" by Maia Brown, Bayshore Elementary, Anchorage
                                        "I Am From" by Brianna Daems, Teeland Middle School, Wasilla
                                        "Breakfast" by Jamila Mastny, Teeland Middle School, Wasilla

Grades 7-9:

Winner: "Fast Cars" by Jessica Johnson, Randy Smith Middle School, Fairbanks
Honorable Mentions: "Happy" by Victoria Fonov, Teeland Middle School, Wasilla
                                        "The Last Thing I See" by Kaleah Haddock, Montessori Borealis
                                                     Public School, Douglas
                                        "Abort, Retry, Ignore" by Logan Ohmer, Schoenbar Middle School,

Grades 10-12:

Winner"What It Means to be a Fat Girl" by Sharadon O'Connor, Dillingham High School,
Honorable Mention
: "Who Am I?" by Shannon Feliz-Hamilton, Wasilla High School, Wasilla

 Open to the Public:

Winner"Bloom" by Mistee St. Clair, Juneau
Honorable Mention: "A Simple Hunter" by Tim Troll, Anchorage



Joe Anglin
Teresa Ascone
Aisha Barnes
Dianne Barske
Anna Bjartmarsdottir
Douglass Bourne
Anita Dale
Sherry Eckrich
Patience Frederiksen
Christina Gheen
Shannon Gramse
Mary Kancewick
Sarah Kirk
Elizabeth Nicolai
Jessie Nixon
Alyse Knorr
Janelle LaPlante
Jennith Lucas
Marie Lundstrom
Roger Miller
Micah Muer
Cameron Nay
Jeff Norris
Kate Partridge
Emily Brackman-Paul
Katy Spangler
Rayette Sterling
Hillary Walker
Louise Dekreon Watsjold
Mark Weber
Toby Widdicombe
Tonja Woelber


Mike Dunham, Alaska Dispatch News
Sara Juday, Alaska Center for the Book
Ronald Spatz, University of Alaska Anchorage


Page Brannon
Melissa Boyce
Heather Caldwell
Tessamae Endes

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