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32nd Annual Creative Writing Contest, 2014


Grand Prize Winner

"Still Life " by Hannah Gershel, Eagle River High School, Eagle River

Editors' Choice Winner

"A Wolf in the Woods" by Michaela Hack, Homeschooled, Ketchikan  


Grades K-2:

Winner: "The Legend of the White Bat" by Sierra Merrell, Homestead Elementary, Eagle River
Honorable Mentions:
"One Day in the Field" by Sara DeVolld, Connections Homeschool Program, Soldotna, Alaska
"Dragon Dilemma" by Nehemiah Somers, Homeschool, Anchorage
"Against Dwarves" by Silas Somers, Homeschool, Anchorage

Grades 3-6:

Winner: " Maria" by Olivia Tafs, Chugach Optional Elementary, Anchorage
Honorable Mentions:
"Forever Silent" by Felicity Flower Thompson, Homeschooled, Anchorage
"The Prisculaters" by Carter Brubaker, Bear Valley Elementary, Anchorage

Grades 7-9:

Winner: "Falling Asleep" by Anna Berry, Anchorage
Honorable Mentions:
"Free at Last" by Mackenzie Lindeman, Kenai High School, Soldotna
"Irony, or the Last Man on Earth" by Jacob Hersh, Lumen Christi Catholic High School, Anchorage

Grades 10-12:

Winner: "Within the EYES" by Kacy Grundhauser, Steller Secondary School, Anchorage
Honorable Mentions:
"Wings" by Aurora Newkirk, Chugiak High School, Chugiak
"The Patient" by Devin Merilatt, Dimond High School, Anchorage

Open to the Public:

Winner: "Blowing Smoke Rings" by Dan Walker, Seward
Honorable Mentions:
"Frost Heaves" by James Bennett, Soldotna
"Fledging" by Tabitha Gregory, Valdez


Grades 3-6:

Winner: "How To Be a Big Sister" by Matilda Rogers, Haines Elementary School, Haines
Honorable Mentions:
"Hidden" by Jacob Mitchell, Kasuun Elementary, Anchorage
"Tristan" by Leonela Javier, Frontier Charter School, Anchorage

Grades 7-9:

Winner: "A Wolf in the Woods" by Michaela Hack, Homeschooled, Ketchikan
Honorable Mentions:
"My Little Brother" by Jazzel Remetio, Pilot Station School, Pilot Station
"Fresh Strawberries with Cream" by Sarah Chen, Romig Middle School, Anchorage
"The Ride" by Gabriella Wilden, Hanshew Middle School, Anchorage

Grades 10-12:

Winner: "Unforgettable" by Katie Seybert, Dimond High School, Anchorage
Honorable Mention:
"Size Zero" by Mattea Peters and Sean Campbell, Homer High School, Homer

Open to the Public:

Winner: "Homeward" by Kristin Vantrease, Anchorage
Honorable Mentions:
"Old Brownie" by Marilyn Ballagh, Anchorage
"Welcome to the Bush" by Dan Branch, Juneau
"The Battle of the Coral Sea" by Julius Rockwell, Jr., Anchorage


Grades K-2:

Winner: "Shape Poetry" by Mia Wiederspohn, Wrangell
Honorable Mentions:
"Nature" by Mia Nappi, Seward Elementary School, Seward
"Horses" by Sara DeVolld, Connections Homeschool Program, Anchorage
"Potter's March Ice" by Blake Hanley, Government Hill Elementary, Anchorage

Grades 3-6:

Winner: "Cold September Wind" by Mia Kiminock, Kasuun Elementary, Anchorage
Honorable Mentions
"The Women and the Bees" By Rainy Adams, Kasuun Elementary, Anchorage"Me and Dad" by Colton Rankin, Homeschool, Kenai
"Words" by Edward Zingone, Kasuun Elementary, Anchorage
"A Demonstration of Annoying People" by Zack Williams, Kasuun Elementary, Anchorage

Grades 7-9:

Winner: "Acts of a Drunken Sailor" by Alana Kilby, West Valley High School, Fairbanks
Honorable Mentions:
"Pencil Poem" by Paige Abernathy, Grace Christian School, Anchorage
"The Arm Rest" by Jordyn Buethe, Stikine Middle School, Wrangell
"Rebellion" by Sami Townsend, Stikine Middle School, Wrangell

Grades 10-12:

Winner: "Still Life" by Hannah Gershel, Eagle River High School, Eagle River
Honorable Mentions:
"Release" by Maeva Ordaz, West Anchorage High School, Anchorage
"Empty Wealth" by Justin Wetch, Colony High School, Palmer

Open to the Public:

Winner: "Hummingbird" by Barbara Hood, Anchorage
Honorable Mentions:
"Jutting-in Alaska" by Bryce O'Tierney, Anchorage
"How Long Have You Lived Here?" by Judith Hughes, Homer


UAA/Anchorage Daily News Creative Writing Contest

2014 Judges & Coordinators



Cindy Lou Aillaud
Teresa Ascone
Aisha Barnes
Dianne Barske
Melissa Boyce
Anna Bjartmarsdottir
Douglass Bourne
Emily Brackman
Suzanna Caldwell
Anita Dale
Ellen Davis
Kristin DeSmith
Christina Gheen
Shannon Gramse
Trish Jenkins
Mary Kancewick
Sarah Kirk
Alyse Knorr
Mary Kudenov
Tara Lampert
Marie Lundstrom
Micah Muer
Elizabeth Nicolai
Jessie Nixon
Kate Partridge
Elise Patkotak
Katy Spangler
Carol Sturgulewski
Lila Vogt
Hillary Walker
Louise Dekreon Watsjold
Mark Weber
Theresa Wooten


Patrick Dougherty, Anchorage Daily News
Sara Juday, Alaska Center for the Book
Ronald Spatz, University of Alaska Anchorage


Page Brannon
Heather Caldwell
Sara Juday
Camille Oliver


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