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reading and writing

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28th Annual Creative Writing Contest, 2010

Grand Prize Winner

"Help Line" by Debbie Cutler, Eagle River

Editors' Choice Award 

"Reflections" by Taylor Iredale, Homer


K-3 Grade Level

Winner: "The Car that Hated Valentine's Day" by Shannon Octuk, Sand Lake Elementary School, Anchorage
Honorable mentions:
The Big Bad Bully" by Clarice Ruhlin-Hicks, Government Hill Elementary School, Anchorage
"Joe Hunter and Slimly the Cowboy" by Ethan Raygor, University Park Elementary School, Fairbanks
"Best Friends and How They Met" by Kendall Lovell, University Park Elementary School, Fairbanks

4-6 Grade Level

Winner: "Knoya Peak" by Nik Unruh, Raven Correspondence School, Eagle River
Honorable mentions:
The Garden" by Tziporeh Lax, IDEA Homeschool, Anchorage
"Untitled" by Colleen McDougal, Chapman Elementary, Anchor Point
"The Many Adventures of Finger Man" by Loni Tranum and Maren Chadwick, Baxter Elementary, Anchorage

7-12 Grade Level

Winner: " Chloe" by Laura Stahl, Susitna Valley High School, Talkeetna
Honorable Mentions:
I Hope, I Dream" by Isabelle Watts, Dzantik'I Heeni Middle School, Auke Bay
"Corella" by Emma German, Colony Middle School, Palmer

Open to the Public

Winner: " Help Line" by Debbie Cutler, Eagle River
Honorable Mentions:
Rising Action" by Michelle Milton, Anchorage
"String Figures" by Barbara Heinrichs, Anchorage
"Bear Story" by Jake Bell, Homer


K-3 Grade Level

Winner: " Splash!" by Carolyn (Charly) Morton, Connections, Soldotna
Honorable mentions:
A Golden Opportunity" by Michael Halpern, Inlet View Elementary, Anchorage
"Fantastic Samoa" by Potifara Kuata, Arctic Light Elementary, Fort Wainwright

4-6 Grade Level

Winner: " Memories of Me: Notes to My 30-year Old Self" by Elias Christian, Kenny Lake Elementary, Kenny Lake
Honorable Mentions:
Bully" by Jazzel Renentio, Pilot Station School, Pilot Station
"Early Bird" by Amanda Friendshuh, Kenny Lake Elementary, Kenny Lake
"I am Thankful for Faith" by Kamille Sparks, Seward Elementary, Seward

7-12 Grade Level

Winner: " The Quest for the Blue Morpho" by Sijo Smith, Gruening Middle School, Chugiak
Honorable Mentions:
A Lesson Ecclesiastical" by Hunter Guarino, West High School, Anchorage
"Sacrifice" by Zoe Hickel, Frontier Charter, Anchorage
"A Lesson about Receiving Help" by Liu Chenqian, East High School, Anchorage

Open to the Public

Winner: " The Rest of the Story" by Debbie Cutler, Eagle River
Honorable Mentions: 
"Straddling the Seasons" by Madelyn Walker, Seward
"Bringing Mitika Home" by Sarah Brooks, Juneau
"Solo with a Match" by Brent Johnson, Clam Gulch


K-3 Grade Level

Winner:  "The Flight" by Abigail VanDoorne, Rogers Park Elementary, Anchorage
Honorable Mentions:
Sometimes Minutes are Long" by William Callahan, Rogers Park Elementary, Anchorage
"Iditarod" by Jessica Zimmer, Aquarian Charter School, Anchorage
"Seasons" by Carolyn Morton, Connections, Soldotna

4-6 Grade Level

Winner: "Selling Relatives" by Aurora B. Lorenz, Homeschooled, Anchorage
Honorable mentions:
"New World" by Madeleine Rea, Seward Elementary, Seward
"A Wolf's Howl"  by Emily Caudell, Alpenglow Elementary, Eagle River
"The Animal in Me"  by Diana Litvenko, Rogers Park Elementary, Anchorage
"A Rattle Snake" by Tina Reutov, Kachemak Selo School, Homer
"A Young Deer" by Jania Tumey, Rogers Park Elementary, Anchorage

7-12 Grade Level

Winner: " Reflections" by Taylor Iredale, Homer Middle School, Homer
Honorable Mentions:
Her Nursery Rhyme" by Clara Miller, Raven Correspondence, Fairbanks
"Coming of Age" by Elena Stutzer. East High School, Anchorage
"The Garment" by Tegan White-Nesbitt, Lathrop High School, Fairbanks

Open to the Public

Winner: " Post-Fire Succession" by Jeremy Pataky, Anchorage
Honorable Mentions:
"Cook Inlet April" by Stephanie Timmerman, Anchorage
"Zombie" by Kimberly Alcorn, Anchorage
"Trumpet" by Riley Newman, Palmer

Category Judges

Cindy Aillaud, Jane Baird, Dianne Barske, George Bryson, Sharon Clawson, Rob Crosman, Kristin DeSmith, Ann Dixon, Sherri Douglas, Shannon Gramse, Jane Gray, Kathy Hughes, Trish Jenkins, Tomas Jenson, Joan Kane, Pat Kennish, Sarah Kirk, Karen Laubenstein, Ann Lovejoy, Marie Lundstrom, Don McDermott, Beth McLaughlin, Camille Oliver, Jeffery Oliver, Katrina Woolford Pearson, Ashley Skabar, Susan Sommers, Millie Spezialy, Claire Stockert, John Straley, Carol Sturgulewski, Lila Vogt, Mark Weber.

Grand Prize and Editor's Choice Judges

Patrick Dougherty, Sara Juday, Ronald Spatz.

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