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reading and writing

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7th Annual Creative Writing Contest, 1988

Winner: Sarah Bowling, Unalakleet, Why the Moon Comes Up at Night
Winner: Sharon Burton Bushell, Homer, A Death in the Family

Winner: Naomi Klouda, Anchorage, Rose on the Fire
Honorable Mention: Corliss Kimmel, Kodiak, The Killer Awoke before Dawn
Kathleen Fennessy, Anchorage, You're Wondering Now
Jean Paal, Anchorage, Lottie's Birthday
Frank Broderick, Denali National Park, A Boy's Short Story
Marjorie Cole, Anchorage, Highways
Winner: Richard Chiappone, Anchorage, Barkoons
Honorable Mention: Stephanie Cole, Anchorage, A Fable: Sarah and the Swan
George Harbeson, Emmonak, Hacker's Igaa
Robin Krause, Eagle River, United Styrofoam
Karen A. Tschannen, Anchorage, Avenues
Winner: Kirsten Hively, Anchorage, D is for Dragons
Honorable Mention: Juliet Cesarini, Homer, Flowers by the Beach: A Parable
Erik Gross, Homer, Tomato Sherbet
Daniel Latimer, Palmer, Heaven
Melissa Maher, Petersburg, To be Him I both Gain and Lose
Mike Kiser, Valdez, From Squire to King of Kerilomahd
Anne Gant, Anchorage, Walking Away
Rebecca Rogers, Soldotna, Fear of the Sea
Chara Taylor, Wasilla, The Gift of Magic
Lashonda Miller, Anchorage, A Friend Within
Kerrie Ingram, Dillingham, The Changes
Winner: Sarah Bowling, Unalakleet, Why the Moon Comes out at Night
Honorable Mention: Patrick William Anderson, Anchorage, Dragon's Eye
Jessica Duncan, Anchorage, Arctic Hunt
Hilary Holcomb, Anchorage, A Tall Tale
Matthew Johnson, Soldotna, Nyatok and the Spirits
Bobbi Paulson, Anchorage, Rondy Adventure
Todd Saunders, Anchorage, An Underwater World Discovery, The Legend of Ominous Mountain, and The Perfect Present

Winner: Mae Long Martin, Anchorage, Slide Rule
Honorable Mention: Rob K. Baum, Anchorage, The Chosen/the Damned Tamar of the Desert, I Samuels
Wendy Bishop, Fairbanks, IQ and Age
Jerah Chadwick, Fairbanks, The Butcher Tree
Bob Cherry, Dillingham, Rudderman
Lana CreerHarris, Nome, Have You Heard the One About...
P.M. Isom, Anchorage, Tiger and the Boy of Numbers
Benjamin D. Swan, Kotzebue, Up Here Alone and In Autumn (translation)
Miles Wakeford, Anchorage, Three Dreams
Winner: Victoria Radonich, Anchorage, Shadows
Honorable Mention: Douglas Blankensop, Anchorage, The Wilds of Sussex
Lisa Chavez, Fairbanks, Buried Things and Love in Autumn
M. William Neja, Anchorage, Eager October
Jeannie Parker, Anchorage, Even the Dead Tree Dances
Jim Petit, Anchorage, Dachau and Remodeling
Karen Tschannen, Anchorage, Some Night Music
Special Honorable Mention for Light Verse: Becky Davis, Anchorage, Sonnet on Shakespeare's Sonnets
Winner: Kristi Dykstra, Palmer, Three Ways of Looking at Madness
Honorable Mention: Erika Bury, Homer, A Brief Respite
Juliet Cesarini, Homer, Dream Image: Vision
Erin Fleckenstein, Wasilla, It is Not Love, But Beautiful Just the Same and Velvet Bats
Kathryn Lord, Willow, One Sly Fox
David Neslund, Valdez, The Pumpkin Ear
Sarah Goold, Valdez, Poem for Peace
Jason Sarich, Valdez, Crabbing
Raean Thomassen, Petersburg, The Time of My Life
Kristie Trapp, Valdez, Horses
Jason Webb, Anchorage, Neglected
Winner: Shana Hagen, Wasilla, Lonely Shoes
Honorable Mention: Victor Bachand, Anchorage, Trees, Live and Die, and I Want to Be
Jesse M. Beauboeuf, Eagle River, Eyes of Grey
India Carmona, Metlakatla, Waiting, The Poem of Qualities, and Your Very Own Book
Skip Boyce, Nikiski, Frogs
Misty Brubaker, Eagle River, Mom Who I Love
Phillip Guy, Anchorage, My Dog Named Jenny
Jim Daggett, Kenai, Classtime
Jessica Duncan, Anchorage, Little Leader and Once
Heather Dunn, Chugiak, Arctic Traveler
Katy Everett, Anchorage, People are Murdered, The Ocean, and I'll Think of You
Meredith Jessup, Anchorage, What is the Name of Gandhi and He Fought with Words
Jerry McCloskey, Nikiski, The Day Begins
Zoe Marie Jones, Denali National Park, Sweet Dreams and Tide Pools
Jake Kendall, Nikiski, Wash the Waters Clean, Dad's Saw, and To America
Scott James, Petersburg, Sounds of Night
Kathy Camp, Kenai, Candles
Jason Lunsford, Kenai, Science
Nicole Lindsey, Anchorage, What is Blue, Peace, and What is Yellow
Rachel Lininger, Anchorage, The Storm
Shannon Mitchell, Anchorage, Screech Owl
Bryan Payne, Nikiski, I Wanna Rock
Heather Poff, Anchorage, Wars are Here
Indibel Rey, Anchorage, Pine
Todd Saunders, Anchorage, Surfer, Hang Glider, and Rainbow Trout
Sommer E. Schafer, Anchorage, The Fence and The Sun is upon Alaska
Jeremiah Tanner, Nikiski, The Eagles
Andrew Timme, Anchorage, Spring and Deep Puddles
Andrea Trujillo, Kasilof, Mommy and For Ever
Willow Weimer, Kenai, Nothing
Brock Williams, Eagle River, I Need You, Anger, and Ice
Brook Wyatt, Anchorage, Spring

Winner: Sharon Burton Bushell, Homer, A Death in the Family
Honorable Mention: R.S. ‘Bob' McCombe and Sharon Haney, Delta Junction, Gold Country Dog
Susan Morgan Howk, Palmer, The Hunt
Natalie Kusz, Fairbanks, Attack
Steve Reynolds, Soldotna, Delight Creek Reflections
Jean Paal, Anchorage, Charlie's World
D.W. Shepherd, Anchorage, Heirloom Memories
Winner: Lisa D. Chavez, Fairbanks, Days in the Garden
Honorable Mention: Karen Christina Lindsay, Anchorage, Gray Hair
Becky A. Baiz, Homer, Goodbye
Cecelia Nibeck, Anchorage, The Bath
Winner: Anne Gant, Anchorage, Cobb School
Honorable Mention: Meath Bowen, Anchorage, Impressions of New York City
Bell, Homer, The Heart of a Boy
S. Jarret Klein, Anchorage, Untitled
Mike Kiser, Valdez, If It Wasn't for the Bystander
Adrian Lee, Valdez, A Breath of Death
Troy Fenner, Valdez, Oops
Winner: Mina Kumar, Anchorage, Only in Alaska
Honorable Mention: Elijah Brophy, Homer, Dreams
Diana Redwood, Anchorage, The Riding Stable
Danny Forrest, Homer, The Friendly Crow
Annalisa Gross, Homer, Mutt with a Halo
Elizabeth Andrews, Eagle River, Untitled
Justin Morawitz, Homer, Cohan Island
Heather Lockwood, Homer, Silver and the Eagle

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