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reading and writing

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2nd Annual Creative Writing Contest,1982


Winner: Kevin Cassity, Anchorage, A Mongoloid Romance
Honorable Mention: Steve Clark, Homer, Carla Fanotti’s Smile
Anthony Martin, Talkeetna, Red Fire, White Snow
Rachel E. Lea, Ketchikan, Hazard, Alaska (a novel)
Marta Lynn Heacock, Craig, The Truth in the Light of the Sweet Morning Sun
Diane Pleninger, Anchorage, The Princess and the Silk Tree Seeds
Eric Johnson, Anchorage, The Old Man
Mike Andrews, Fairbanks, Fishwheel
Sammye Meadows, Kodiak, A Song and a Dance (children’s story)
Barbara Sinclair, Anchorage, In Honor of Peter
William (requests last name not be published), Valdez, The Avenue
Winner: Ronald Turner, (UAA), Bayview Trailer Park
Honorable Mention: Nancy E. Brown, (UAA), Three Nudes
Marjorie Martinez, (UAF), A Season with Annie Bobbie
Jane C. Frohne, (UAA/Anchorage Community College), Pete Lives
David Singyke, Anchorage (Alaska Pacific University), The Last Dance
Mark Rozema, 20, (UAA), Memories of a Gentile in Utah
Lori Jo Oswald, 21, (UAA/Anchorage Community College), The Accident also Whose Son?
Winner: Scott Gruhn, 13, Anchorage (Hanshew Junior High School), The Last Battle
Honorable Mention: Janine M. Brockway, 17, (East Anchorage High School), Innocent Puppy
Lynn Erwin, 16, (East Anchorage High School), Which Way Home?
Elisabeth Gatelein, 6, Anchorage (Chugach Optional School), A Scary Halloween
Chris Brainard, 11, Palmer (Sherrod Elementary School), Saturn of a Star
John DePalatis, 13, Anchorage (Hanshew Junior High School), The Demonslayers of Arda
Anette Oder, 15, (East Anchorage High School), The Black Castle
Tiffany Ipock, 11, McGrath (McGrath School), The Blue Diamond
Brooke Saxon, 12, Anchorage (Turnagain Elementary School), The Little Goose
Michael McCabe, 8, Anchorage (Chugach Optional School), Michael the Asparagus
Teresa Gavell, 10, Sutton (Sherrod Elementary), How the First Giants Came to Be
Penny Usry, 16, Anchorage (Service High School), Untitled – a diary of Abbigale Williams
Bruce Daugherty, 18, Anchorage (Service High School), 2079

Winner: Carrie Hahn, Anchorage, The Real Story
Honorable Mention: Glenn Hackney, Fairbanks, Moose Room
Ilean Pruitt Larkins, Anchorage, How I Ate My Way through the Alaska Wilderness
Sylvia Barkdull, Anchorage, Circular Issues
Ray W. Harris, Anchorage, Tribute to a Bush Pilot
Winner: James R. Strong, 34, (UAF), Target Practice
Honorable Mention: Paul Hayes, 26, (UAA/Anchorage Community College), Saigon Bound
Jon A. Skinner, 23, (UAF), Where, Oh Where Have All the Indians Gone?
Winner: Kathryn Englishbee, 16, Anchor Point (Homer High School), The Summer of the Old House
Honorable Mention: Audra Hill, 16, Anchorage (Service High School), I Remember…
Janelle Ackerman, 17, Anchorage (Dimond High School), The Strip
Dan Lowery, 16, Anchorage (Service High School), A Momentary Lull in the Slipstream

Winner: Virginia DeVries, Homer, Cataracts
Honorable Mention: Rob Baum, Anchorage, Tilting Legend
John M. Hilliard, Anchorage, To a Famous Face on the Front Page of the Newspaper
Pat Monaghan, Fairbanks, Ravens
Mary Mitchell Roundtree, Homer, Untitled
Dorothy A. Underwood, Anchorage, Souvenir Hunt
Winner: Susan W. Fair, (UAA/Anchorage Community College), Medusa’s Song and Fireweed
Honorable Mention: Nancy E. Brown, UAA, One-sided Conversation
Gerald Cable, (UAF), New Museum of the North, Partners (American Creek, 1899), and Egg Lake
Christian Knoeller, (UAS), Of Your Grandfather
Winner: Betsy Andrews, 14, (Floyd Dryden Junior High School), The Puffin
Honorable Mention: Sharon Fenwick, 15, Anchorage (Dimond High School), White
Lisa Aklestad, 12, (Palmer Junior High School), Marvin
Erika Bury, 9, Homer (Paul Banks Elementary School), If I Were the Ocean
Aleria Jensen, 10, Douglas (correspondence), Eagle
Kathryn Englishbee, 16, Anchor Point (Homer High School), The Unwanted Portrait
Elisabeth Gatelein, 6, Anchorage (Chugach Optional School), Tulips
Elizabeth Marshall, 11, Anchorage (Chugach Optional School), Rainbow

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