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reading and writing

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26th Annual Creative Writing Contest, 2007
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Winners live in Anchorage unless otherwise noted.
Age indicated was at time of contest entry.

Grand Prize
Jamey Bradbury , 28, "Her Least Favorite Word, Souvenir "
(First Place, College Fiction)

Editor's Choice

Kimberley Cornwall , 39, Fairbanks, "The Myth Makers "
(First Place, Open to the Public Poetry)


Grades 3 and under

Winner: Maddie Powelson, 8, "Berries, Berries Everywhere"
Honorable mentions:
Morgan Byrne, 9, "The Stallion"
Erin Moronell, 9, "Hawai'i"
Pete Mow, 8, Seward, "How to Catch a Jellyfish"

Grades 4-6

Winner: Anna Trujillo, 12, "Flying" Honorable mentions:
Rachel Zafren, 11, "Awakening"
Claire Trujillo, 12, "Elizabethan Sonnet"
Wyatt Warfield, 12, "Walks"

Grades 7-9

Winner: Rebecca Wolfe, 14, "Ode to Raspberry Jam" Honorable mentions:
Sydney Treuer, 14, "Untitled"
Jason Drover, 13, Talkeetna, "Hooboporoo and Me"

Grades 10-12

Winner: Aleks Fleener, 18, "Dreams" Honorable mention:
Madelyn Troiano, 16, "Forever Waiting"


Winner: Heather Asselin, 28, Wasilla, "We Tundra Blue"

Open to the Public

Winner: Kimberley Cornwall, 39, Fairbanks, "The Myth Makers"
Honorable mentions: J. Ramsey Golden, "House-Hunting in October" David McElroy, 65, "Dog Dancing"


Grades 3 and under

Winner: Michael Willis, 9, Seward, "Fishing in Kodiak
Honorable mentions: None

Grades 4-6

Winner: Orion Lust, 11, Wasilla, "The Big Trip
Honorable mention: Shane Preuit, 10, Wasilla, "Untitled"

Grades 7-9

Winner: Bethany Arrisi, 14, Wasilla, "The Flip Off"
Honorable mentions:
Hunter Guarino, 13, "Nonfiction Autobiography"
Zoe Hickel, 14, "Motivating Moments"

Grades 10-12

Winner: Molly R. Hopson, 17, Barrow, "Untitled"
Honorable mentions:
Reid Magdanz, 16, Kotzebue, "What the City People Miss"
Darsha Squartsoff, 18, Ouzinkie, "Untitled"


Winner: Cynthia Sims, "The Shame of Seeking Solitude "
Honorable mention:
Cynthia Sims, "On Text and Meaning …"

Open to the Public

Winner: Jean Paal, 80, "Self Control"
Honorable mention:
Scott Banks, 50, "Romancing the bone"


Grades 3 and under

Winner: Samantha Mae Pratt, 9, "A Day in a Life"
Honorable mentions:
Erin Moronell, 9, "Meet Hallie"
Jania Tumey, 7, "Egg-Laying Season"

Grades 4-6

Winner: Zoe Lowery, 11, "The Road to Acrozian"
Honorable mentions:
Miles Knotek, 12, Moose Pass, "In and Out of Hell"
Abigail Nicole Slater, 12, "Daggers"

Grades 7-9

Winner: Susannah Perkins, 14, "Untitled"
Honorable mentions:
Katelyn Lamson, 15, Eagle River, "Always in My Heart"
Alison Jones, 14, "Untitled"
Maia Claman, 13, "Photo"

Grades 10-12

Winner: Younger Oliver, 14, "The Boy"
Honorable mentions:
Michael Hall, 17, Eagle River, "The Black Feather"
Meghan Day, 11, Cooper Landing, "When Cinderella Went Bad"


Jamey Bradbury, 28, "Her Least Favorite Word, Souvenir"
Honorable mention:
Sheena Craig, 22, "Hunting With Sethius Apophis"

Open to the Public

Winner: Bruce Scandling, 52, Juneau, "Horizon"
Honorable mentions:
Michelle Miton, 36, "Faith Killer"
Ron Davis, 53, "The Digital Chess Master of Moose Hill Cove"
Elliott Peterson, 25, "Short Term"
Judith E. Lyon, 58, "The Process

10-Minute Plays

Winner: Hallee Starborn-Aguilar, 46, "The Sewing Circle"


Winner: Michelle Mitchell, "Scribbit,"
Honorable mentions:
Mark Gnadt, Barrow, "bbbarrow,"
Erika Veth, Girdwood, "Contemplative Erika,"


Winner: Steven Levi, "Grandpa"
Honorable mentions:
Anna O'Laughlin, "Leave Me Breathless"
Cody Hall, "Claymation"
Max Osgood, "Hockey Game"

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