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reading and writing

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22nd Annual Creative Writing Contest, 2003
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Winner: Dan Crane, Fritz Creek, "Last Winter Up Here "

Judges: Kathleen McCoy, Ronald Spatz, George Bryson,

Editor's Choice

Winner: Fallon Fairbanks , Kotzebue, "My Alaska "

Open to the Public


Winner: Steve Roberts , Eagle River, "The Deep End of the Forest"
Honorable Mentions: Mike Firment, Anchorage, "A Following Sea"; Nancy R. Wrocklage, Anchorage, "Uncharted Waters"; Dawn Wedell, Alakanuk, "Remembrance"; George Harbeson, Anchor Point, "Roche's Limit"

Judges: Kathleen McCoy, T.C. Mitchell, Debra McKinney, Erin Dovichin, Susan Morgan


Winner: David Abrams, Fort Richardson, "Ursus Arctos Horribilis"
Honorable Mentions: Karen Graber, Anchorage, Untitled; Catherine J. Hollingsworth, Anchorage, "Collateral Damage"; Dorothy Arnold, Anchorage, "Brownie, The Unusual Dog"

Judges: Matt Zencey, Mike Doogan, Cinthia Ritchie


Winner: Dan Crane, Fritz Creek, "Last Winter Up Here"
Honorable Mentions: Debbie Clonan, Soldotna, "I Remember Killing Chickens"; Kimberley Cornwall, Fairbanks, "Burn Barrel"; Dan Crane, Fritz Creek, "Underway"

Judges: Peter Porco, Arlitia Jones, Susan Derrera, Mark Temelko, Kristin DeSmith



Winner: Laura Faeo, Nikiski, "His Father's Keeper"
Honorable Mentions: Michael Howarth, Anchorage, "Kindling"; Catherine Whitney Beaudreault, Anchorage, "How I Used to Love Your Mother"; Pat O'Hara, Anchorage, "Forever"; Erin Smith, Dillingham, "Julia's Song"

Judges: Douglas O'Harra, Joann Congdon


Winner: Sara Rufner, Anchorage, "If You Need a Hitch"
Honorable Mentions: Jeff Benowitz, Fairbanks, " The Swing and the Swerve of the Gavel; Steve Polk, Anchorage, "Lost When Found"; Jerry Garoutte, Kenai, "Fall of the Throne"

Judges: Warren Rhodes, Frank Gerjevic


Winner: Andrew Edelen, Anchorage, "A Trick of The Light"
Honorable Mentions: Elaine Williamson, Anchorage, "What's In A Name?"; Christine Rogers, Eagle River, "Empowerment"

Judges: Mike Dunham, Sandy Harper

Grades 10-12


Winner: John Hanson, Anchorage, "Maximum Capacity"
Honorable Mentions: Kyra Sherwood, Anchorage, "In the Shadow of the Rising Sun"; Lea Rueter, Anchorage, "The Painted-Form Wife: A Retelling of a Japanese Tale"; Amanda Loshbaugh, Fairbanks, "Dark Eyes"; Amanda Loshbaugh, Fairbanks, "A Most Empty Space"; Tirrell Thomas, Kotzebue, "In the Shadow of a Shaman"

Judges: Elizabeth Manning, Mark Weber, Gonzalo Medina, Krystal Moore, Camille Oliver


Winner: Dan Wilson, Anchorage, "Homer's Worth"
Honorable Mentions: Sam Carney, Sleetmute, "Not Worth it Anymore"; Nathan Mortier, Eagle River, "A Nation Among Nations"

Judges: Josh Niva, Carolyn Grabowski


Winner: Juliane Smith, Anchorage, "Daisies Grow"
Honorable Mentions: Adam Berg, Wasilla, "Lost"; Ben Meyer, Wasilla, "A Lyric for the Restless"; Jill Brodin, Girdwood, "Lining"; Ann Marie Brooks, Haines, "Buliwyf: An Epitaph"

Judges: Zaz Hollander, Liz Bradfield, Amy Groshek

Grades 7-9


Winner: Hillary Walker, Anchorage, "To Understand"
Honorable Mentions: Sigrid Colman, Homer, "Reflection"; Katelyn Duncan, Anchorage, "The Forsaken"; Robert Brandon, Anchorage, "Est Sularis Oth Mithas"; Jillian Black, Anchorage, "Right On Time"; Kim Alcorn, Anchorage, "A Second Chance"

Judges: Kathy Bonney, Rose Cox, Susan Beeman, Rhonda Neill


Winner: Emily Kizzia, Homer, "Give My Regards to the Little Tom Guy"
Honorable Mentions: Seth Suydam, Seldovia, "Little Skiff Man"; Katelyn Duncan, Anchorage, "Reflection"; Alena Gerlek, Anchorage, "Playing the Keys"; Zach Plancich, Anchorage, "The Crossing"

Judges: Lynn Hallquist, Pam Cravez


Winner: Katie McCleaf-Townsend, Anchorage, "Fire"
Honorable Mentions: Lindsay Hall, Anchorage, "Slmy, Muddy Hobby"; Hannah Hamler, Talkeetna, "Light Your Match"; Jasmine McPhenson, Anchorage, Untitled; Tristan Sebens, Haines, "Ouch"

Judges: Jane Szabo, Pat Kennish, Sherrie Douglas, Vicki Radonich

Grades 4-6


Winner: Chloe Miller, Anchorage, "Happily Ever After: A Modern Day Fairytale"
Honorable Mentions: Zachary Boyden, Palmer, "Gus the Glasses, a Biography"; Kylie Rickards, Fairbanks, "Come Home"; Lillian R. Maassen, Anchorage, "Hercules and the Minkom"

Judges: Andrea Story, Dominique Calhoun, Kathy Curtis-Johnson, Julie Smith


Winner: Fallon Fairbanks, Kotzebue, "My Alaska"
Honorable Mentions: Jennah Choate, Talkeetna, "My Mother's Vocabulary"; Benjamin Corral, Palmer, "Jasper's Last Journey"; Kenney Kroeker, Chugiak, "We Are All Babies"; Mason Evans, Nome, "Dreams Can Come True"; Gracie Harrison, Homer, "Miracles Happen"; Clara Noomah, Fritz Creek, "Make 'em Think it's Real"; Jeremy Perkins, Nome, "Bear Hunting"

Judges: Leon Unruh, Carol Sturgulewski


Winner: Vera Simmonds, Barrow, "North Spring"
Honorable Mentions: Quinn Iten, Kotzebue, "Spring Slips In"; Jamnah Gennae Morton, Anchorage, "Twilight Serenade"; Jonathan Orms, Kotzebue, "Jonathan's Haiku"

Judges: Beverley Fonnesbeck, Mille Spezialy, Louise Gallop and Nina Prockish

Grades 3 and Under


Winner: Jamie Bingham, Anchorage, "Astronaut Bear & the Little Girl"
Honorable Mentions: Tilly Ilona Sheldon, Anchorage, "If I Could Have a Pet Dinosaur"; Sarah Jemar, Cold Bay, "The Girl Who Met the Bear"; Jacob Bartholomew, Anchorage, "If You Could Give a Kindergartner a Cookie"

Judges: Katie Pesznecker, Lou Ann Hennig


Winner: Austin Heusser, Anchorage, "My Goldfish"
Honorable Mentions: Ben Hoeldt, Aniak, "Point of View"; Kaylin Saur, Anchorage, "The Doctor's Office"; Trevor Brown, Anchorage, "War"

Judges: Nicole Tsong, Lisa Demer


Winner: Danielle Beeler, Soldotna, "Pine Tree"
Honorable Mention: Emily Aiken, Anchorage, "First Snow Whiteness"; Sarah Bell, Girdwood, "String-Free"; Ethan Kizzia, Homer, "Climbing"; Theo Noomah, Fritz Creek, "Beware of Books"

Judges: Lisa Demer, Nicole Tsong

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