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Teaching and Learning

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Brothers on the Trapline

Essay Summary: Seth and Kole set out to check their traps. The abundance of furbearing animals in the area and the high prices of furs make their daily trapping lucrative for two young boys. They work closely together and learn the art of reading tracks and trapping, never anticipating what the future will hold for their way of life. 

What were the names of the boys' four dogs? (p. 61)

Only three of the dogs are named: Bonehead, Murphy, and Flint.

What is a 330 Conibear? (p. 64)

A quick-kill trap used for otter and other small furbearing animals.

Why were the boys afraid of moose but not wolverines? (p. 64)

A moose with a calf was dangerous and would charge the team. Wolverines posed no threat.

What kind of ruffs did Seth and Kole have on their parkas? (p. 65-66)

Seth had a wolverine ruff, Kole a black bear ruff.

How did the boys feel about lynx meat? (p. 68)

It was one of their favorites, as good as whitefronted goose, and gave them a break from caribou meat.

Why didn't the brothers trap wolves? (p. 68)

The wolves were too smart to enter the cubbies and trail-sets.

What was the novel Kantner wrote? (p. 69)

Ordinary Wolves.

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