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Teaching and Learning

Home  >  Teaching and Learning  >  Shopping for Porcupine  >  Reading Comprehension Questions
Shopping for Porcupine

Essay Summary:  Alvin takes Kantner porcupine "shopping" in his fancy new boat. They harvest a porcupine, burn the hide to protect scavengers, and Kantner reveals some of the changes modern technology has brought to the area. 

Why are they going out in Alvin's new boat? (p. 97)

To give Clara a ride and to find a porcupine for Alvin's grandfather.

What does Kantner notice about Alvin's new boat? (p. 97)

The boat is shiny, has a huge motor, and there aren't any life preservers in sight.

What makes a porcupine taste the best? (p. 99)

A promptly cleaned and skinned porcupine.

What has shrunk the distance between Alvin's house and Kantner's home? (p. 100)

Motorized vehicles.

Why, according to his friend, did they kill porcupines in Pennsylvania? (p. 100)

They kill trees.

Why do they burn the remaining quills and hide of the porcupine carcass? (p. 100)

Out of respect for the animals, and to keep foxes, wolves, and bears from ingesting the quills and dying.

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