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Teaching and Learning

Home  >  Teaching and Learning  >  Shopping for Porcupine  >  Reading Comprehension Questions

Essay Summary:  Kantner begins hunting with his camera lens. Through trial and error he learns that it will take time to become an expert photographer. We also get the first introduction to his friends Nick Jans and Michio Hoshino. 

What has happened to Kantner's trapping career? (p. 102)

The animal populations have crashed, other animals have left the country, and prices for furs were "dismal."

What did he think was a "good" yearly salary as a trapper? (p. 103)


What prompted Kantner to give up trapping for photography? (p. 104)

With animal populations in decline and his distaste for wounded animals, he decided to give up trapping.

What appeal did photography hold for Kantner? (p. 104)

Photography was a way to hunt, study, and survey animals and the land.

What was the "popular route" in terms of employment for Kantner's acquaintances? (p. 105)

They chose to work at Prudhoe Bay, Red Dog Mine, and other resource development sites.

Why did Kantner turn to alcohol? (p. 105)

To deal with the change of his lifestyle.

Where did he get his first camera and what was it? (p. 105)

An old Zeiss, handed down from his family.

What was Kantner's first target of professional photography and what was the result? (p. 106)

A bull moose, and the photos he took turned out blurry.

Who do the villagers hate even more than schoolteachers? (p. 107)

Hunting guides.

How did Nick Jans fit into village life despite being a teacher and former hunting guide? (p. 110)

He coached basketball, traveled with hunters, and cut wood for the elders.

How did Kantner's "hunter wisdom" ruin his chance at a good wolverine photo? (p. 117)

He got a body shot instead of a good photo of the wolverine's head.

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