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Teaching and Learning

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Hanging with the Hang-Out Kings

Essay Summary:  Kantner puts in a trail on thin ice for a Kotzebue elder. He takes a side trip to shoot photos of the musk oxen. He ties the impressive history of the musk oxen and their ability to survive with our current climate crisis and how we as humans could learn a thing or two from both the musk oxen and the caribou.

What is Kantner's excuse for traveling on thin ice? (p. 143)

An elderly friend asked him to put a trail to the hills in for him.

Why does he choose to travel on the new ice of the estuary instead of the channel? (p. 146)

This is safer because the estuary is shallow, in case he breaks through the ice.

What does Kantner suggest we could learn from caribou? (p. 146)

Learn to let women lead our "herd."

What do the locals attribute the caribou's delay of their migration until freeze-up? (p. 146)

The locals blame it on climate change or sport hunting.

What is the new animal to return to the area? (p. 147)

Musk oxen.

How are the musk oxen different from other animals when approached? (p. 147)

They don't flee, and instead form a protective circle around their young.

What does Kantner suggest we could learn from musk oxen? (p. 150)

We could learn to not waste energy.

How did the musk oxen survive the long voyage from Greenland to Alaska when they were transplanted? (p. 151)

Their ability to just hang out and not waste energy.

Why can all the Alaskan musk oxen call each other "bro" or cousin? (p. 151)

They are all related from the original batch that were transplanted from Greenland.

Other than not wasting energy, what else do the musk oxen do that is admirable? (p. 153)

They "keep it simple," they work together, and they are peaceful and don't charge unless provoked.

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