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Teaching and Learning

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Bob and Carrie Come Out of the Hills

Essay Summary:  Bob and Carrie move from their camp to Kotzebue. Bob's health flounders and he has to visit Anchorage. He hasn't been there since 1948 and Kantner is concerned how the trip will go. Bob returns safely, but isn't sure about ever traveling back to Anchorage.

What is the big news around Kotzebue? (p. 172)

Bob and Carrie are going to Anchorage.

Why is running tap water "strange and disconcerting" to Bob and Carrie? (p. 172)

They have lived their lives hauling and disposing of their own water.

Why did Bob and Carrie leave their camp and move to Kotzebue? (p. 173)

Bob was worried something might happen to him and no one would be available to help Carrie.

What does Kantner attribute Bob's health woes to? (p. 173)

He suggests that Bob moving to town and having to leave his old life was what gave him heart troubles.

What is Bob's final joke about returning to Anchorage mean? (p. 175)

He jokes that he's not sure whether it would be easier to die than return, and that suggests that he is not interested in going back to Anchorage if he doesn't have to.

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