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Teaching and Learning

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Conversations with China

Essay Summary:  Kantner and his daughter walk across the tundra. The young girl reveals her astute observations of animals and plants, and Kantner shares how he feels about her burgeoning love for the outdoors. 

"Gobies" is China's word for what animal? (p. 178)


What relieves Kantner about his daughter's feelings about the outdoors?

She appears to have a love for the outdoors.

How does having China along change Kantner's behavior? (p. 182)

He slows down and enjoys his surroundings instead of rushing to get to work on a project.

What did Kantner worry about before China's birth? (p. 182)

He worried if she would be an "inside kid."

What do you think "bocabine toods" are? (p. 183)

Porcupine turds.

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