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Teaching and Learning

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Salting a Moose
Essay Summary: 
Bob's fringed flower hasn't returned and he suspects the rising ocean water. Kantner and his wife go moose hunting in cold weather and hit the saline overflow.  They are successful in their hunt, but Seth has to call for a rescue and must bear the embarrassment of needing help and learning a lesson about changing climate and the new danger of saline overflow. 

What might have caused Bob's favorite flower to not return over the summer? (p. 186)

Saline overflow, from the rising ocean -- created by the changing climate.

What is different about the snow near Kantner's house? (p. 187)

The snow is fluffy and loose, which is unusual for Kotzebue, according to Kantner.

How long did Howie claim it took him to cut up a moose? (p. 190)

Fifteen minutes.

Why did Howie rush with the moose he had shot? (p. 190)

He needed the meat and didn't know if the moose season was open or closed.

Why does the overflow create such problems and why does it freeze Kantner's legs? (p. 192)

The water is salty, and therefore actually colder than salt water, and at 20 below the water would be absolutely frigid.

Who gave Kantner the advice to carry extra clothing? (p. 192)

Tommy Douglas, an elder at the Senior Home.

Why is Kantner so reluctant to call for help? (p. 192)

He considered Search and Rescue for "other people" and for emergencies,  and he didn't believe he was in an emergency at the time.

What part of the moose do you think Bob and the elders coveted most? (p. 195)

The nose.

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