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Teaching and Learning

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These Happy Spruce

Essay Summary:  A warm summer brings eerie changes to the area. The village of Kivalina sinks into the ocean and elders there warn of the strange movements of animals and lush berry harvest.  Kantner realizes the once barren land around his old home has become overgrown with trees.  

What is happening to Kivalina? (p. 196)

The ocean is rising and swallowing the village.

Why are the villagers not interested in Kantner's class on canning fish? (p. 196)

They prefer fish prepared the traditional way.

What will cause the town to be evacuated? (p. 197)

The next big storm after Kantner leaves.

What are the signs of global warming, according to Raymond Hawley? (p. 197)

The intense summer heat, the early berries, and the caribou migrating long before they normally should.

Why are the people both thankful and wary about the changes? (p. 197)

They are thankful for the additional game and plentiful berries, but they are wary of what these gifts may mean in the future.

Why does Kantner joke about ordering high heels? (p. 200)

So he can be tall enough to see over the brush that has grown up around his house.

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