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Teaching and Learning

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Silver Strangers

Essay Summary:  An essay about Kantner's love for fishing, the changing weather and fish returns, and his struggle with the collapse of the local fishing industry.

Why is there a "distrust" of the sky and the weather? (p. 208)

The strange weather and behavior of the animals is unsettling.

What kind of fishing is Kantner not accustomed to? (p. 209)

Fishing with a pole.

What emotions does Kantner have with the returning salmon? (p. 212)

"Awe, love, and disbelief" for the salmon return.

Why were people ruining Kantner's fishing net? (p. 213)

They were jealous that he was able to sell his fish.

What happened to his fish business? (p. 213)

The government created a grant that put him out of business.

Why does he say he'll be back next year to get "gilled" in the fishery? (p. 215)

He's making a joke, but also admitting that he's hooked, and despite not making money, he'll fish anyway -- he's caught like a fish in the gillnet.

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