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Teaching and Learning

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Silver Strangers
Essay Summary: 
An essay about Kantner's love for fishing, the changing weather and fish returns, and his struggle with the collapse of the local fishing industry.

Discussion Questions:

Discuss the various details Kantner records that add up to the "reality" of the climate change occurring in Kotzebue:

Points to consider:

  • The ocean isn't frozen by the time winter is starting, May was below freezing, snowstorms in June, whalers were shorebound because of the ice.

Why does Kantner work so hard to fish, despite poor prices?

Points to consider:

  • He says fishing is in his "blood," and his love for being on the water and catching fish trumps making a living selling them.

Final Questions:

How has climate change impacted the fishery?

Why do you suspect Kantner loves fishing so much?

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