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The Physician As Patient

Narrative and Healing: Poetry Corner

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Narrative and Healing

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In a partnership with the American College of Physicians, Litsite Alaska presents this project examining the experiences of doctors as patients, opening a unique window on the health care process.

A Physician With Amyloidosis
Anchorage physician Dr. Richard Neubauer talks about his experience being diagnosed with a rare disease.

Serious Illness, Richer Life
Dr. Dennis Maki of the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health describes how having serious illnesses enriched his life and enhanced his practice of medicine.

Physicians As Caregivers for Loved Ones
Dr. Neil Farber of San Diego explores the unique challenges facing physicians whose loved ones are seriously ill.

When Your Child Is Sick: A Doctor's Son with Anorexia Athletica
This article is temporarily unavailable.

Guidelines for Treating Physicians as Patients
Dr. Neil Farber of San Diego discusses viewpoints on treating patients who are physicians or who have caregivers who are physicians.

Dr. Tom Gordon, My Husband ... A Personal Journey
The experiences of a wife and physician as they faced his serious illness together.

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