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What People Are Saying About LitSite Alaska!

Read what people are saying about LitSite Alaska, including some quotes and reviews from the press.

"LitSite Alaska validates lifelong learning and literacy. It validates all kinds of families and their interactions with literacy."
-- Carol Comeau, Superintendent of Schools, Anchorage School District

"LitSite Alaska is a prime example of moving the community into the classroom and the classroom into the community."
-- Stands for Education, United Kingdom

LitSite Lives and Laura Bush Welcomes You (from Anchorage Daily News)
- Letter from Former U.S. First Lady Laura Bush

Chronicle of Higher Education
"A Web Site's Tales of Northern Culture Aim to Help Alaskans Understand Each Other"

Find out why Education World
gives LitSite Alaska an A+!

School Library Journal
"Web Site of the Month: A State Reads, A State Writes"

Anchorage Daily News
For Reading and Writing, LitSite Alaska is the New Place to Be"

"LitSite Alaska is a logical extension of the University of Alaska Anchorage's mission to inspire learning. That doesn't mean just for those who are students. It means for everybody."
-- Edward Lee Gorsuch, Chancellor, University of Alaska Anchorage

The Alaska Legislature

"The Twenty-third Alaska State Legislature congratulates and commends LitSite Alaska and the University of Alaska Anchorage for developing a unique and valuable resource bringing Alaskans together . . . "

Winner of a 2003 Contribution to Literacy in Alaska Award from the Alaska Center for the Book, a 2004 University of Alaska Anchorage Chancellor's Award for Excellence, and recommended by the Governor's Commission on Tolerance for educational quality, LitSite Alaska enhances educational, cultural, community and family values through literacy and the gift of narrative.

University of Alaska Anchorage Accolades
"Litsite is a rich online learning tool for reading, writing and Alaska history."

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