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reading and writing

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36th Annual Creative Writing Contest, 2019

Grand Prize Winner

"The Visitor" by Richard Goldstein, Anchorage

Editor's Choice (tie)

"The Married Lives of Grizzly Bears" by David Bernard
"The Tale of the Lost Tail"
by Lucia Chapell


Grades K-2:

Winner"A Strange World" by Logan Clark, Family Partnership Charter School, Eagle River

Honorable Mentions:
"AK 3 Little Wolves" by Natalie Hutchings, Polaris K-12, Anchorage
"The Flower Fairy" by Teagan Thirlaway, Susitna Elementary, Anchorage
"Farm Girl" by Freyja Walters, Idea Families Homeschool, Kenai


Grades 3-6: 

Winner:   "Willow" by Mariah Young, Huffman Elementary, Anchorage

Honorable Mentions:
"Lost and Found" by Dori Germain, Dzantik'i Heeni Middle School, Juneau
"Pens for Sale" by Mayla Hoedel, Bowman Elementary School, Anchorage

Grades 7-9:

Winner: "Shadows" by Julianna Graham, Homeschool, Fairbanks

Honorable Mentions
"Forced to the Woods" by Ava Elerding, Schoenbar Middle School, Ketchikan
"Mt. Parker Ski Resort" by Maggie Nevala, Dimond High School, Anchorage
"Sea of Stars" by Clara Stading, Nikolaevsk School, Homer

Grades 10-12:

Winner: "Beach Home" by Grace Harang, Sitka High School, Sitka

Honorable Mentions
"Penn State Asylum Sweetheart" by Hope Evans, Valdez High School, Valdez
"The Thing in the Woods" by Rain Lisenbee, West Anchorage High School, Anchorage
"Alphabet Story" by James Snyder, Burchell High School, Wasilla

Open to the Public:

Winners (tie):
"The Married Lives of Grizzly Bears" by David Bernard, Homer
"The Visitor" by Richard Goldstein, Anchorage

Honorable Mentions
"To the Years I Follow" by Joseph Jackson, Fairbanks
"Cicadas" by Robert Raven, Anchorage
"Quiet Quake" by Jimmy Robson, Anchorage


Grades 3-6:

Winner: "The Tale of the Lost Tail" by Lucia Chapell, Haines Middle School, Haines

Honorable Mentions:
"The Mysterious Fishtale" by Pema Curry, Haines Middle School, Haines
"The Bad News" by Klover Cinocco, Haines Middle School, Haines
"Excite-Meant" by Selah Joy Densmore, Cyberlynx Homeschool Correspondence, Palmer
"When It Comes to Candy" by Hayden Jimenez, Haines Middle School, Haines

Grades 7-9:

Winner: "Bittersweet Memories" by Julia White, Service High School, Anchorage

Honorable Mentions:
"My Quake Break Tale" by Caroline McLaughlin, Goldenview Middle School, Anchorage

Grades 10-12:
Winner: "Shaken Up" by Allison Wayt, South Anchorage High School, Anchorage

Honorable Mention:
"Rising from the Ashes" by Althea Gerlt-Nelson, West Anchorage High School, Anchorage

Open to the Public:

Winner: "Alaskulinity" by Daniel Smith, Anchorage
Honorable Mentions:
"Mom's Olson Rug" by Mike Harpold, Ketchikan
"34 Years a Guide" by Joseph Jackson, Fairbanks


Grades K-2:

Winner: "Munch, Crunch" by Nhu Quyn Cao, Anchor Lutheran School, Anchorage

Honorable Mentions
"Eclipse" by Issac Dykstra, Anchor Lutheran School, Anchorage
"Snowflakes" by Penny Higgins, Polaris K-12, Anchorage
"Dad" by Emma Miner, Anchor Lutheran School, Anchorage

Grades 3-6:

Winner: "I Am" by McKenna Carlin, West Homer Elementary, Homer

Honorable Mentions
"Ode to Poems" by Samuel Fineman, Aquarian Charter School, Anchorage
"Fire" by Ida Meyer, Dzantik'i Heeni Middle School, Juneau
"Rocket-Propelled Van" by Springer Moore, Bear Valley Elementary School, Anchorage

Grades 7-9:

Winner: "The Song of the Violin" by Katielyn Vaughn, Homeschool, Palmer
Honorable Mentions:
"True Friends" by Lynnea Hack, Kenai Middle School, Kenai
"Where I Come From, There I'm From" by Caedon Merriner, Sydney Huntington School, Galena
"I'm Fine" by Chloe Moffett, Kenai Middle School, Kenai

Grades 10-12:

Winner: "Flyaway" by Carmen Gordon-Rein, West Anchorage High School, Anchorage

Honorable Mentions
"You Can See Heaven in the Sky" by Alicia Gould, Burchell High School, Wasilla
"The Beauty of Autumn" by Kaylahni Weddel, Sitka High School, Sitka

Open to the Public:

Winner: "Family Trilogy" by Don Decker, Anchorage
Honorable Mentions:
"SAHM 1" by Melissa Bassham, Anchorage
"Confiteor" by Kay Cavanaugh LaMantia, Anchorage


Kate Allhof
Teresa Palmer Ascone
Teeka Ballas
Chaun Ballard
Tara Ballard
Anna Bjartmarsdottir
Robin Brooks
Tricia Brown
Cami Dalton
Sherri Douglas
Debby Dahl Edwardson
Mei Mei Evans
Yosselyn Gheen
Trish Jenkins
Hannah Johnson
Mary Kancewick
Erin Kirkland
Kari Lovett
Marie Lundstrom
Kyle Mellen
Michelle Mitton
Kristin Nevin
Elise Patkotak
Marissa Palmer
Sarah Preskitt
Dawnell Smith
Katy Spangler
Kaylene Johnson-Sullivan
Carol Sturgulewski
Lila Vogt
Louise Dekreon-Watsjold
Mark Weber
Toby Widdicombe

Grand Prize and Editor's Choice Judges

Victoria Barber, Anchorage Daily News
Sara Juday, Alaska Center for the Book
Ronald Spatz, University of Alaska Anchorage and Alaska Quarterly Review

Volunteer Coordinators from the Alaska Center for the Book

Christina Gheen
Jana Gwynn
Gabriela Halas
Camille Oliver

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