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reading and writing

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27th Annual Creative Writing Contest, 2008

Poetry - Grades 3 and Under

 Winner            Erin Johnson                I'm Sick 
HM  Graylin Simes                      Aurora 

Poetry - Grades 4-6

Winner             Eleanor Walton           The Dance 
HM  Noelle Coniglio  How I Become 
HM  Elvie Underwood  River Song 
HM  Savannah Egan                   


Poetry - Grades 7-9

Winner            Amanda Burke            Backspace 
HM  Hannah Chandler                If You're Not From Girdwood 

Poetry - Grades 10-12

Winner            Sophia Bibbs                  If I Had Taken Ballet 
HM  Kate Ferrin  A Silent Flutter
HM  Rochelle Purpura                   Parched in Mauve Liquor 

Poetry - Open to Public

Winner -        

Buffy McKay                  How Spring Travels in Alaska 
HM  John McKay  Always More: Thirteen New Ways... 
HM  Debbie Cutler  Death Becomes Him 
HM  MaryBeth Printz                    Silver Skates 

Non-Fiction - Grades 3 and Under

Winner            Jakob Blees                     River Ride 
HM  Christa Rapoza                        My First Pet 

Non-Fiction - Grades 4-6

Winner           Abigail Blackstone      Dog Training Adventures 
HM  Hazel Underwood  The Grand Canyon 
HM  Savannah Egan                       Memories 

Non-Fiction - Grades 7-9

Winner           Meghan Dotten             Bob the Slob 
HM  Gabrielle Markel  Bake-Sale 
HM  Zoe Hickel                                  Recovery Eating for Athletes 

Non-Fiction - Grades 10-12

Winner           Kevin Saechao               Before the 1600m 
HM  Miranda Nick  Untitled 
HM  Kellen Baker  Playing for Me 
HM  Pauline Mann                           Autobiography Narrative 

Non-Fiction - Open to Public

Winner          Sandra Kleven               Jaden Is Calling 
HM  Meghan McCausland  5:00 A.M. 
HM  Emily Macrander                     Selection from the Freshman Fifteen 

Fiction - Grades 3 and Under

Winner          Abigail Vandoorne      Even My People Struggle 
HM  (Jasmine) Mali Redgrave       The Story of the Moaning Meadows 

Fiction - Grades 4-6

Winner          Lindsay Lutes                          From the Flames 
HM  Kristin Winkle  To Be a Hero 
HM  Madison Ellington  Untitled 
HM  Lindsay Von Tish  Gilligan's Travels 

Fiction - Grades 7-9

Winner          Gabrielle Markel                    Growing Patriotism 
HM  Maj Britt Kimm Them 

Fiction - Grades 10-12

Winner          Amanda Poe                              Snake Bite 
HM  Kassandra Looney  The Box 
HM  Sarah Spring  Eight and One Half Minutes 

Fiction - Open to Public

Winner -      
Thomas Pease                           The Woodcutter 
HM  Mary Katzke  Resonance 
HM  Penny Kimball  Facial Hair Theory 

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