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reading and writing

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6th Annual Creative Writing Contest, 1987

Winner: Robin Krause, Anchorage, The Holy Tortilla
Winner: Irma P. Hooper, Tununak, Life in a Small Village



Winner: Alison Balen, Indian, Windchill
Honorable Mention: Peter Maassen, Anchorage, The First Shroud Descends
Robert Bowen, Anchorage, The Way We Were
Philip A. Davis, Anchorage, Divine Intersection
Mark D. Dumond, Anchorage, A Simple Twist
Kathleen Fennessy, Anchorage, He and She: A Pas de Deux in Three Movements
Harvey Homan, Anchorage, A Little Boy Who Talked to Moose
William Beaty, Anchorage, Playing God
Joe Ferguson and Laura Dimmler, Juneau, The Suncat Stories
Sharon Haney, Delta Junction, An Ordinary Wedding
Ola M. Rutherford, Anchorage, The Twins
Jean Anderson, Fairbanks, Hitchhikers
Barbara Christian, Kenai, Layers
Korliss Kimmel, Kodiak, Cool Blue Eyes
Keith Hinkle, Anchorage, Kite Days
George Guthridge, Gambell, Riding the Aurora
James A. von der Heydt, Anchorage, The Returning
Dan Coyle, Anchorage, East of Eating
Cinthia Ritchie, Anchorage, Downstairs
Carolyn Long, Big Lake, Johnson-Bill
John A. Buzdor, Anchorage, Skeleton on the Commode
Winner: Robin Krause, Anchorage, The Holy Tortilla
Honorable Mention: Richard Chiappone, Anchorage, The Smiling Fish
Susan P. Ohmer, Petersburg, Chocolate-Covered Cherries
Patricia E. Smith, Anchorage, Escape to Mary's Bay
Stephanie Cole, Anchorage, Gardens
Gordon Althauser, Kenai, Running
Alexis Easely, College, Somewhere a House is Burning
Winner: Marcus Berkshire, Anchorage, Survivor
Honorable Mention: Tara Campbell, Anchorage, Sixty-Five Going on Zero
Jennifer Gantz, Anchorage, A Rose Always Forgives
Jennifer Hill, Dillingham, Public Warning
Tim Voges, Fort Richardson, Goodbye
Brandon Walcutt, Eagle River, A Soul in Wood
Julie Nicolard, Eagle River, Calm Hearts
Winner: Erica Lutz, Anchorage, Young Fall
Honorable Mention: Becky Steer, Anchorage, Shaman
Cheri Cloninger, Seldovia, Light to Eskoto
Erica Lutz, Anchorage, And They All Had Fun
Emily Johnson, Soldotna, Shattered Dreams
Wendy Weber, Homer, Sunny Saturday Morning
Anna Lee Hewko, Eagle River, Mystery at Margret's
Henry Gnad, Homer, The Great Scavanger Hunt
Lydia Alexander, Anchorage, Tales of Greenwillow Lake
Douglas Dykstra, Palmer, Escape
Karie Turner, Eagle River, Barney Black Bear

Winner: Wendy Bishop, Fairbanks, Violence
Honorable Mention: Mary Ann Barnett, Dillingham, Bake Sale
Wendy Bishop, Fairbanks, The Wedding
Jerah Chadwick, Fairbanks, At Puente Vioago
Jeanne Fortier, Anchorage, The Past and Photographs
Kate McElvey, Talkeetna, Fall
S. Alexander Meza, Nome, Raven
Winner: Rob K. Baum, Anchorage, Two Crane Flies
Honorable Mention: Rob K. Baum, Anchorage, At the Jade Gate
Karen Carlisle, Anchorage, Illuminations
Dawn-Marie DeBusk, Nikiski, Fireweed and Angelina
Eileen Duncan, Anchorage, March
Winner: Erica L. Bury, Homer, Van Gogh
Honorable Mention: Juliet Cesarini, Homer, Green Dragon and Rain Picture
Darci Cherry, Dillingham, The House
Yolanda Cox, Nome, Arsenic Field Forever
Robyn Davena, Nome, Death
Mike Henry, Anchorage, A History of Many Scars
Kirk Hole, Juneau, Parking Lots
Joe Ennis, Anchorage, Out of the Blue
Aleria Jensen, Douglas, Within the Forest
Gretchen Lockard, Anchorage, Can I Be Bleak? and I Am Your Daughter
Kelly Mattson, Nome, Gone Forever
Katherine McCreery, Nome, A Child's Thoughts
Amy Jo Swing, Anchorage, Remember the Time We Went to the Coast?
Winner: Theo Gialopsos, Anchorage, The Heavens
Honorable Mention: Sammy Bass, Anchorage, Rabbit Creek
Jocelyn Bauer, Anchorage, A Smile Is and Story Night
Laurence Bleicher, Anchorage, Fire Breathing Dragon and Stillness
Robin Beebee, Anchorage, Daughter of the Wind
Brandon Cherry, Dillingham, Poem
Molly Davis, Kasilof, Song of the Musher
Leah Dubber, Kasilof, The Farewell Call
Leah Dubber, Anchorage, A Revolutionary Death
Sarah Fidler, Anchorage, April 23, 1987
Mandi Gilllland, Sterling, Romantic Differences
Emily Johnson, Soldotna, In the First Verse I Share My Dreams, Old vs. New, and Pieces
Brian Lehr, Anchorage, Stripped Fish
Erica Lutz, Anchorage, Silent Echoes
Melissa Mitchell, Kasilof, The Season I See No More
Kristi Palmer, Anchorage, Snow
Barbi Roth, Soldotna, I've Got My Corner
Gretchen Weiss, Anchorage, A Scary Night

Winner: M. Sue Henry, Anchorage, Grandma
Honorable Mention: Ruby Megargel, Anchorage, Cook Inlet Fish Camp
Marion A Ferrier, Valdez, Hunting Adventure in Prince William Sound
Sharon Bushell, Homer, The Outside Child
Susan Morgan Howk, Palmer, The Night Allen Died...
Beverly M.O. Kirk, Chugiak, Eskimo Encounter
Natalie Kusz, Fairbanks, Of Us Here
Winner: Karen Lindsey, Anchorage, A Professional Approach to Naked Men
Honorable Mention: Chris Goin, Anchorage, The Rape Epidemic of America
Steven E. Stark, Anchorage, Responsibility, Perseverating, and Urinals
Karen Lindsey, Anchorage, Me and Mel Gibson
Winner: Irma P. Hooper, Tununak, Life in a Small Village
Honorable Mention: Colleen P. McGrath, Going North
Julie Rasmussen, Valdez, Being Deaf
Tara Campbell, Anchorage, Trials and Tribulations of Essay Writing
Winner: Stacey Borgman, Homer, Winter Memory
Honorable Mention: Emily Johnson, Soldotna, Gramps
Julia Dryden, Anchorage, My Summer Dog
Phillip Pletnikoff, Nikolski, The Octopus
Annelisa Gross, Homer, The Scream Machine
Renee Pletnikoff, Nikolski, Tidal Wave

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