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Teaching and Learning

Home  >  Teaching and Learning  >  Two Old Women  >  Assignment Ideas
Below you will find a collection of assignment ideas and student examples inspired by Two Old Women. We hope this list of potential assignment ideas will grow with contributions from other teachers.  Teachers with exemplary student examples should consider submitting their students work as well.  With the help of committed and innovative educators, this site can become a repository of powerful and inspirational teaching tools for all instructors using Two Old Women.
Assignment Ideas
A list of Assignment Ideas for teachers and students.

Student Example: "Desperate Times" Essay
In the Athabascan culture, generations and generations ago, the people lived and hunted on the land. The Athabascans were a nomadic tribe. They didn't settle down in places permanently, but rather would follow the caribou herd during the fall and winter months and then go to places abundant in fish during the summers

Student Example: "Three Themes of Two Old Women" Essay
In the novel Two Old Women there are many themes, but three of the most significant are forgiveness, betrayal, and inner strength.

Student Example: Poetry Inspired by Two Old Women
Read a poem inpired by Two Old Women.

Student Example: Two Old Women Collage
A collage made by Kelly McCord pointing out three main themes of the story.

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