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Winter and Pond, Frontier Photographers  -  Related Materials
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Visit the Library for More Information:

Alaska's libraries hold audio, visual, and written material about the history of these Alaska photographers. Visit your local library or go online to see what's available in holdings all over the state. Take these simple steps:

  1. Access SLED (State Library Electronic Doorway) at
    Click on the listing for ALNCat (the Alaska Library Network Catalog) to view the Basic Search window. Go to the Keyword field, and type in WINTER POND ALASKA.

More Reading:

Alaska Historical Library. A Preliminary Guide to the Photographs of Winter and Pond (PCA 87) in the Alaska Historical Library. Juneau: Alaska Division of State Libraries, 1986.

Cunkle, Wendy L . Winter & Pond: Pioneer Photographers in Alaska, 1893-1943. San Francisco: San Francisco State University, 1979.

Spartz, India M., ed. Lloyd Winter and E. Percy Pond. Guide to the Winter and Pond Collection: Southeast and Alaska-Yukon Related Views, 1893-1943, located in the Alaska State Library and Archives, Historical Library Section, Juneau, Alaska. Juneau: Alaska Department of Education, Division of Libraries and Archives, 1989.

Winter & Pond. Types of Alaska Natives. Juneau: Winter & Pond, 1905.

Winter & Pond. Juneau, Alaska. Juneau: Winter & Pond, 1909.

Winter & Pond. The Totems of Alaska. Juneau: Winter & Pond Co., 1915

Wyatt, Victoria. Images from the Inside Passage: An Alaskan Portrait by Winter & Pond. Seattle: University of Washington Press in association with the Alaska State Library, 1989.

Photograph Collections:

Winter and Pond Photograph Collection, Lloyd Winter and E. Percy Pond, 1893-1943. Alaska State Library. About 3,000 black-and-white photographs and panoramas and portraits recording Alaska's diverse population, the Gold Rush of the Klondike in 1898, the Juneau Gold Belt hard rock mining operations (1,200 mining photographs), Tlingit Indians and traditional activities such as potlatch gatherings, dances, and social conditions (350 images), frontier boomtowns, ships, and scenic landscapes.

Winter and Pond Mining Property Photographs, Winter & Pond, 1915-1925. Alaska State Library. One album containing 38 black-and-white photographs. Lloyd Winter and E. Percy Pond, photographers who owned a studio together in Juneau, also owned and operated mining claims in the Juneau Gold Belt. This photo album describes work done on claims at Echo Cove, Berners Bay, north of Juneau. Detailed text accompanies the photographs. Images include the Winter & Pond Co. mining camp, claims, quartz veins in the Berners Bay mining area, Mrs. Pond at the camp, employees of the company.

Winter & Pond Publications, Lloyd Winter and E. Percy Pond, 1905-1915. Alaska State Library. This collection contains five published works of photographs from the Winter & Pond Company.

Herman Ruhe Collection. Herman Ruhe, Lloyd Winter, E. Percy Pond, 1906-1909. Alaska State Library. Collection includes 35 mounted photographs of Juneau, Sitka, Skagway, Dyea, the Chilkoot Trail and the Yukon Territory (most were photographed by Winter & Pond), 12 glass plate negatives, a 28-page, bound Winter & Pond scrapbook, c. 1909, and papers (few).

Winter and Pond Photograph Collection [graphic], Lloyd Winter and E. Percy Pond, 1934. Alaska State Library. One album of 62 black-and-white photographs. Preface to the album reads: " 'THE TRAIL OF '98, thirty-six years ago, portrayed in rare and original photographs direct from life by Lloyd V. Winter and E.P. Pond, is still a path of wild charm singularly beautiful in its historical appeal. These striking pictures take you back at the almost forgotten beginning of a drama to which the future of Alaska is intimately linked. . . . . Winter and Pond photographs of that dimming period afford an easy means to recapture the lost mood of thirty-six years ago, a delightful way to reconstruct the first episode--THE TRAIL OF '98--which in the retrospect of 1934 appears more pregnant than at any time since those intrepid pioneers, nourished on the yeasty word ‘gold,' trekked into an untouched, primeval wilderness in quest of ‘pay streaks' that were still dreams. . . . The photographs of that feverish stampede to the new bonanza are a perfect exhibit of man's courage and perseverance reduced to its crudest terms. No search of detail here. Each picture is crammed with reality which reinforces every turn of the photographic record itself."

Alaska Juneau Gold Mine Strikers and Riot, Winter & Pond, 1935. Alaska State Library. The eight Winter & Pond photographs show the AJ miners' march and subsequent violence June 24, 1935.

Verna Hurley Carrigan Photograph Collection. Verna Hurley Carrigan, Lloyd Winter, Anna Webster (nee Faulkner), George M. Landerkin, Eric A. Hegg, 1880-1945. Alaska State Library. Collection includes 168 black-and-white photoprints, 71 black-and-white and color postcards, and 54 manuscript items. Images include Juneau businesses, individuals and groups, ships, Tlingit Indians, the first official airmail plane (Juneau to Fairbanks, 1938), Juneau-Douglas Telephone Co., a Kellogg CD board, early Juneau telephone switchboard operators, switchboard at the Alaskan Hotel, strike at the AJ Mine (ca. 1930), family photos of the Webster, Hurley, Carrigan, Scott families, southeast Alaska views, letters to Edward Webster (1881-1885), stamps and postmarks, ca. 1932-1977. Photographers include Winter & Pond, Landerkin and Winter, and E.A. Hegg, and others.

Jones, Sonia H. Alaska, July-August 1998. Alaska State Library. Photo journal of Sonia and Gordon Harris's trip to Alaska in the summer of 1998. Granddaughter of prominent photographer Percy Pond.


Winter and Pond Photograph Collection at the Alaska State Library, Historical Collections. E. Percy Pond, Lloyd Winter, Dustin Grimes, Ron Klein. VHS tape (2 min., 4 sec.) from KJUD TV. News segment from 2000 discusses the work of Juneau photographers Lloyd Winter and Percy Pond, depicting Tlingit Indians and the Juneau, Alaska, area of the early 1900s.

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Winter and Pond

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