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Teaching and Learning

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The High School section includes activities for Tenth through Twelfth Grade.
Creation Myth Writing Exercise
Douglas Blankensop's students read and write a variety of world creation accounts including the Judeo Christian story in Genesis. After a paraphrase of the Genesis account and after reading the first half of "Hero with a Thousand Faces," students are given a handout and told to let their imagination run free.

Newspapers in Education -- High School Writing
Tom Janz provides writing activities for high school students based on reading current stories about events in their own communities and the rest of the world.

Book Report Exercise (2 pages)
Joann Congdon's Book Report Exercise teaches characterization, dialogue, and the creation of conflict for dramatic effect in a fictional narrative. It also gives students practice in using quotation marks and parenthetical references, and in creating a bibliography.

Justice and Freedom Exercise
The exercise is a reproduction of actual orders delivered to Japanese Americans in 1942. It has been used in classrooms at East High School in Anchorage by Sally Carricaburu for a number of years. It is an excellent prompt for serious reflection and writing about the historical implications of WWII for Japanese-Americans in the U.S. (including Alaska) and the concepts of justice and freedom.

War Poem Lesson Plan
Students in Tracy Pulido's creative writing class at West Valley High School in Fairbanks wrote haikus and longer poems about the war in Iraq after reading newspaper and magazine articles on the war and studying fundamental elements of poems.

Exercises on Writing With Empathy
Andromeda Romano-Lax describes how she had students use observation, consider perspectives and examine bias to "get past the surface" and write about how other people might be thinking and feeling.

Cultural Adaptation of a Classic Play (2 pages)
Bethel Teacher Don Reardon's students created a modern version of a Shakespeare play, Romeo and Juliet, that utilized Yup'ik stories and culture as reflected in the Kuskokwim River Delta.

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