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Teaching and Learning

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The Elementary section is for beginning readers, and is further divided into Pre-School/Kindergarten, 1st through 3rd Grade, and 4th through 6th Grade. 
Animal Body Exercise
Kindergartners in Kim Martin's class at Klatt Elementary School create their own book after reading The Mixed Up Chameleon by Eric Carle.

Books vs. Bytes Exercise
Alice Knapp, librarian at Chugach Optional Elementary in Anchorage, created this exercise to help children learn the different ways to do research, using both books and electronic resources.

Imaginary Zoos
In celebration of Dr. Seuss' birthday last year, Beverly Courtnage and her first grade class at Oceanview Elementary read "If I Ran the Zoo." She asked the children to design their own zoos with imaginary animals in them. Then they wrote about what they had drawn. They named their animals and described them, playing with the sounds of made up words.

Creative Writing Exercise - Anchorage Reads Program
For this exercise, volunteer tutor Patricia Healy tells her student they are going to write a story together. She presents the beginning of a story with blanks for the child to fill in and asks him or her to describe various things.

Newspapers in Education -- Writing About News Photos
Tom Janz, administrator of the Newspaper in Education (N.I.E.) program for The Clarion newspaper, shows teachers how to use the newspaper to reinforce the reading, writing and thinking connection, getting students to use critical thinking while reading current stories about events in their own communities and the rest of the world.

We Make Masks!
The Third and Fourth grade Open Optional students at Willard Bowman Elementary in Anchorage studied the Yup'ik tradition of making masks. They created their own masks in clay, fired them, painted and trimmed them with feathers, beads, reed and raffia, and wrote stories about them.

Weavers of Words: Mask and Legend Exercise
Students create a story that integrates legends and mask making after brainstorming answers to the question, "Why do People Wear Masks?" The students also learn about myths, legends, and stories.

Writing Myths (2 pages)
This exercise familiarizes students with Raven myths and teaches them to differentiate between creation and trickster myths. The students are exposed to a storyteller and become storytellers themselves.

Write About a Pet
In this exercise, students learn to use details when they write about a pet -- a pet they have never owned. It can be the usual dog or cat, or it can be something fantastic, like a dragon or a flea.

Four Elementary Bilingual/ESl Exercises (6 pages)
Four exercises used in the Anchorage School District Bilingual and Multicultural Education Program represent a range of bilingual activities at the elementary level.

Creating a Newspaper Book Report
After choosing a book to report on, students write stories for their individual newspapers, some choosing to write their stories in their own voice (the student as editor and writer), and some in the voices of the characters from the book.

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