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Teaching and Learning

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Watching for Mammoth

Essay Summary:  Kantner, his wife, and a friend take a walk on the tundra in search of mammoth bones. They encounter a bear while picking berries. Kantner imagines watching a herd of mammoth and ponders what the changing times will bring. He delivers a powerful conclusion that suggests the readers protect their own sacred places with the same love and intensity of their own.

What is the purpose of the walk? (p. 226)

They hope to find a cache of mammoth bones.

What are Alaskan dress shoes? (p. 226)

Xtra-tuff rubber boots.

Why doesn't Kantner ask Stacey about the bear sign? (p. 227)

He doesn't want to have any nearby animals hear them speaking.

How does he know the bear is not a young "teenage" bear? (p. 229)

The head of the bear is massive, and his body is rounded and long.

What does Kantner find hanging in a tree? (p. 232)

An old pair of binoculars.

What do humans seem to forget? (p. 234)

We forget how we once lived without taking things.

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