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Sites for Mystery and Romance Readers and Writers
By Nancy E. Clark

Sisters In Crime, the official website of the organization for women mystery writers, has links for anyone interested in the mystery writing genre. You will find information on authors, local chapters, upcoming events, and a guide to mystery bookstores. If you are interested in joining, membership information is also provided.

Mysterious Women: A Quarterly Newsletter for Fans of Women Mystery Writers has an online counterpart to its traditional print format. Beginning with its premiere issue (Fall 1995), selected articles are available in full-text. The Web site also includes links to other mystery sites.

If you are interested in romance, The Romance Reader offers book reviews (by subgenre as well as by date), author interviews, publishing news, and features like Road Stories, where authors tell tales of book tours gone wrong (worth a chuckle or two).

On the writing side, the Romance Writers of America has an official Web site that discusses genre statistics and definitions, offers links to several bestseller lists (New York Times, Publishers' Weekly), and lists of winners in more than a dozen romance award categories. The site also offers links to author and publisher Web pages and RWA chapters.

Then check out The Romance Authors Page. It has links to author Web pages and newsletter archives, but also has a research index with diverse topics of use to romance authors, articles on writing, and advice for new writers about how to get an agent, what to look for in a contract, and much more.

Alaska Sisters in Crime Chapter
Sisters in Crime: Mystery Website Links
The Romance Reader
Romance Writers of America
The Romance Authors Page

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