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Years ago, librarians were responsible for nurturing a deep knowledge of informational resources contained within a building, the library. Now, this responsibility extends beyond the walls of a traditional library building. Find out what is happening in libraries and museums throughout Alaska and how librarians and curators are promoting literacy in their communities.
Rasmuson Foundation Loves Libraries
Rasmuson Foundation CEO Diane Kaplan explores the importance of local libraries as community assets.

Floating Bookmobile
The two skiffs of the Kusko Book Express, a floating library sponsored by the Lower Kuskokwim School District, travel the Kuskokwim River during the summer, handing out books to students at fish camps.

Flat Stanley Visits Fairbanks, Alaska: A Week in the Life of a Librarian (8 pages)
As part of a class project at school, Kendall from Cherry Valley, Illinois, mailed Flat Stanley to Georgine Olson, a librarian living in Fairbanks, Alaska. What emerged through Georgine's daily letters to Kendall is the story of a week in the life of one Alaska librarian.

Reading Fun: Lapsit at the Library
A lively program for children and parents at Loussac Library in Anchorage introduces children to books through short stories, nursery rhymes, finger play and songs.

Alaskan Children: The New Literary Critics
Every child loves to express his or her opinion, whether it's about the best double cheeseburger, a new rock band, or a favorite sports team. Now these youthful critics are also becoming literary critics.

Getting Kids to Read: The Anchorage Libraries Summer Reading Program
The Anchorage Municipal Libraries Summer Reading Program creates a community of young readers by encouraging them to read, and by giving them a place to share their ideas with their peers.

Join a Book Club at Your Local Library
Book clubs are a fantastic way to meet new people, read great books, and share opinions about what you read. Here are some book clubs that are already running at Alaska's libraries.

Homer's "Top Drawer" Story Publishing Project
Stories are just as important to the people who read them as the people who write them, said Homer writer Joy Griffin. That is why Joy and her husband, Norman, started a project in their city called "Top Drawer."

There Are Stories Here: Heritage Library Museum (2 pages)
It's just a small thing, maybe four inches high and broken at that, but it's imbued with mystery and power all the same. I'm looking at one of the finest pieces in the collection of the Heritage Library Museum.

Finding the Stories: The Children's Exhibition Program
Each work of art has at least one story to tell. Dorothy and the Tin Man peek out from behind a giant beanstalk. Little Red Riding Hood watches as Raven steals the sun. John Henry distracts Goldilocks from the three bears.

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