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History and Culture

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Read transcripts of celebration events commemorating the signing of ANCSA; hosted by Alaska Pacific University, the Alaska Native Heritage Center, and Commonwealth North.
Commemorating the Signing of ANCSA; Hosted by Alaska Pacific University. (8 pages)
Emcees: Edgar Blatchford, Irene Rowan; Speakers: Dr. Douglas North, Byron Mallott, Albert Kookesh, Jim LaBelle, Willie Hensley, Julie Kitka, Emil Notti, Walter Hickel.

Commemorating the Signing of ANCSA; Hosted by the Alaska Native Heritage Center (7 pages)
Emcees: Jack Zayan, Gloria O'Neil; Speakers: Willie Hensley, Adam Kroto, Julie Kitka, Barbara Donatelli, Marie Nash, E. Lee Gorsuch.

Commemorating the Signing of ANCSA; Hosted by Commonwealth North Celebration (6 pages)
Moderator: E. Lee Gorsuch; Speakers: Byron Mallott, Julie Kitka, Matthew Nicolai, Willie Hensley.

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