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Writing Can Bring Fun Into Your Life
By Mary Halpin

Writing always fascinated me. I wondered where people came up with the material for their books. Gone With the Wind was, and still is, one of my favorite books. When I think of all the research that had to be done to make it so realistic, it just amazes me.

Finally, I found something I could write about, something I knew a lot about. After all, who doesn't have memories?

It took me about six months of procrastinating to finally get brave enough and decide to jump in and put our book on paper. Together, Mom and I had quite a few memories, so I used some of her stories and some of my own to publish a double-authored book. Once I got involved, I found it to be fun and relaxing at the same time. I figured if the book didn't sell well, I sure had a lot of Christmas gifts!

When I sat down to write this book, the stories seemed to flow out readily. There were so many that I had to remember my budget. It would amaze you, once you get started, how much fun writing can bring into your life.

Mary Halpin and Mary Giordano
I read an article in Income magazine, you know the one that gives you a list of work you can do at home. It basically said find something you know a lot about, and write about it. It really works! Plus, Mom always told me that her mother told her to write as though you were actually talking to someone and telling them your stories. That also made writing easier for me.

Writing this book at this point in my life helped fill a void. After losing my husband of 21 years to an on-the-job accident, I felt like my life was in limbo. I guess like Mom, I used it as an emotional outlet. Mainly to remind myself that all situations, no matter how tragic, have a positive side. Sometimes it's just hard to find.

I was never one to let life get me down. Being ill since birth I always played right alongside of my sisters and brothers -- most people always told Mom that I didn't look as sick as Mom had told them. And though losing one's husband in such a manner is a hard blow to accept, I found life still goes on. Writing this book reminded me that there are always good memories to help you through.

Writing gave me back a sense of being, and new goals for me to achieve. The main thing is, be brave, be proud of your work and WRITE. It's a good stress fighter.

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